Who is second in career hits for the MLB postseason?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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As of 2009, Bernie Williams is second in career postseason hits with 128.

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Q: Who is second in career hits for the MLB postseason?
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How many hits did Greg maddux have?

272 in the regular season and 4 in the postseason. In his MLB career, Maddux had 272 hits in 1591 at bats for a .171 batting average in the regular season and 4 hits in 55 at bats for a .073 batting average in the postseason.

Who holds the MLB record for career hits by a second baseman?


What MLB player has hit the the most postseason home runs in a career?

Babe Ruth

What MLB pitcher has the most hits in a postseason?

The most home runs hit in a single postseason is eight. This was done by three players.Barry Bonds - San Francisco Giants (2002)Carlos Beltran - Houston Astros (2004)Nelson Cruz - Texas Rangers (2011)

Who holds the Major League Baseball record for second most career hits?

2nd most career hits in MLB history is 4,189 by Ty Cobb. First is 4,256 by Pete Rose.

Who holds the MLB career hits record?

Pete Rose holds the career record with 4,256 hits.

Who has the most MLB carreer hits?

pete rose, 4,256 hits in his career

Who has the most hits in MLB history?

Most hits all TimeNameHitsRankPete Rose4,2561Ty Cobb4,1892Hank Aaron3,7713Stan Musial3,6304Tris Speaker3,5145Carl Yastrzemski3,4196Honus Wagner3,4157Paul Molitor3,3198Eddie Collins3,3159Willie Mays3,28310

Who are the 3 active MLB players who have 80 plus postseason hits?

Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, David Ortiz

How many career hits did Roberto Clemente have?

In MLB, 7 ... 2 in 1968 and 1 in 1956, 1958, 1959, 1966, and 1971.

Do second place teams go to the postseason in MLB?

Only the second-place teams with the best records in each league make the playoffs as wild cards.

Who holds MLB record for most career hits?

Pete Rose