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Q: What is the highest scoring in the NHL by one team?
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Highest scoring hockey game?

The most goals scored by one team in an NHL game was 16. The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Quebec Bulldogs 16-3 on March 3, 1920.

How many times has an NHL defense man led his team in scoring?

One. Bobby Orr for the Boston Bruins.

What is the highest scoring soccer game without having the one team score for the other team?

team-lime ladies number-8

What was the highest scoring NCAA football game?

The most points scored by one team was 222 by Georgia Tech

Is it teams' or team's?

Depends.If its one team owning something:"The win depends on the team's quarterback."If its more than one team owning something:"This will be the highest scoring game in both teams'histories"

Did Bobby Orr win a scoring title?

Yes he did he was one of the first defenseman in history to win a NHL scoring title.

What is the 1 team in the NHL?

the Anaheim ducks are the one and ONLY team in the NHL that are worth a second look!

The highest scoring game on one team in baseball history?

The Highest Scoring Game In Major League Baseball Series History Was On August 25, 1922, Between The Chicago Cubs And The Philadelphia Phillies. The Score Was 26 To 23. The Total Number Of Runs Was 49 Runs.

What are the NHL teams in Tennessee?

There is one NHL team in Tennessee; the Nashville Predators.

Who is the all time NHL leading scoring defenseman?

The ALL TIME scoring leader (not for just one season) is Ray Bourque with 1579 points in 1612 games.

What is a basketball block out?

It's when another team keeps one team from scoring in a game

What is Michael Jordan's highest scoring playoff game?

It's 63 points which is the most ever by one player. Michael Jordan also has the highest playoff scoring average by one player @ 33.4 ppg.

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