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team-lime ladies number-8

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Q: What is the highest scoring soccer game without having the one team score for the other team?
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Who is the highest scoring professional soccer player?

highes scoring soccer player

Who are the highest scoring soccer players?

Monica Pardou is the highest scoring soccer player. He is on the Brazilian national football team.

Highest scoring soccer match?


What is the highest scoring draw in soccer?


What is the highest scoring soccer game?

Brazil (14) vs (0 )Nicaragua

What is the highest scoring match in a soccer world cup?

Yugoslavia vs Zaire 1974

Who is the highest scoring soccer player?

double hat trick in less than ten minutes by defoe

Who is the soccer player who has gone more than 300 games without scoring a goal?


How is maths associated with soccer?


What is guidance discovery in soccer?


Who is the highest paid soccer player without endorsements?

cristiano ronaldo

What was the highest scoring British football game?

The highest scoring professional (soccer) game was 32-0. This was in the scottish premier league. Queens of the South defeated New Higlands* 32-0.*New Highlands are no longer a football team.By Oink 48

Funny soccer facts?

The world's highest scoring game was in the Madagascar first division. It was 123-0. The other team continued scoring own goals in a protest against a bad refereeing decision. I'm not kidding.

What is a hattrick in soccer?

One player scoring 3 goals in one game. Scoring 2 is a "bis", scoring 4 is a "poker", scoring 5 is a "manita".

Scoring for soccer?

i do it all the time thanks for asking

What is the scoring in soccer?

If you kick the ball in the net you 'score'.

Is soccer the lowest scoring game?

I play soccer and I cannot think of another sport.

Highest scoring soccer game?

Australia beat south Africa 32-0, also England defeated Brazil 88-0 in a friendly, 2010.

Who is Highest scoring soccer goalie?

Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni has scored '''96''' times, and still counting. Actually playing in Sao Paulo FC

Who is the best soccer player in Africa in 2010?

The best player and highest scoring player in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was Diego Forlán, of Uruguay.

Is mesut ozil the best soccer star at world cup 2010?

Diego Forlán of Uruguay was both the highest scoring player and the best player of the cup.

Who is the highest paid MEXICAN soccer player without endorsements?

Chicharito aka el chicharon

What are the basics of soccer?

dribbling kicking scoring running punting

Does a goalie in soccer get two points for scoring on the other team?


How many points are given for a high scoring draw in soccer?