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Babe Ruth Was A Pitcher When He Was On The Redsox And A Batter When He Was With The Yankees.

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Q: Was Babe Ruth a pitcher or a batter?
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Babe Ruth's career started as a pitcher for what team?

Babe Ruth started his baseball career as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

What position did Babe Ruth play on the Boston Braves?

Will a supervisor please delete my question on Babe Ruth and the positions he played on the Boston Red Sox. I did not see that in relevant answers that the question was already answered. I apologize.

What is Babe Ruth's record?

As a pitcher Babe Ruth had a record of 94 wins 46 losses with an ERA of 2.28

How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit as a pitcher?

Babe Ruth had 14 home runs as a pitcher, 12 with the Red Sox and 2 with the Yankees.

Did you know that Babe Ruth was once a pitcher?


What was Babe Ruth's best record in a year as a pitcher?

Babe Ruth's best record as a pitcher was 23-12 in 1916. He registered a 1.75 ERA during that season.

Did Babe Ruth ever play shortstop?

No. Babe Ruth never played Shortstop. He did play the outfield, pitcher, and first base.

Who was the first pitcher to strike out Babe Ruth?

Willie Mitchell

Who was the first pitcher to hit a home run?

babe ruth was a pitcher then he was a left fielder

How many positions did Babe Ruth play?

Babe Ruth had to play three positions, pitcher, right-fielder, and a little bit of first base.

Who is the relief pitcher to win the Babe Ruth award?

Mariano rivera

What pitcher hit the most home runs?

Babe Herman Ruth