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Golf is the sport that when the player with the higher score loses. The point of golf is to put the ball in the hole with the last amount of shots. When you are about to tee off at a hole, it says that "par" the hole is. If the hole is a par 3, that means that it should only take you three shots to put the ball in the hole. If it takes you only one shot (hole in one) to get the ball in the whole, that is considered an eagle or two under. If it takes you 2 shots to get it in the whole, that is considered a birdie, or one under. Then if it takes you 3 shots, like the hole says, then that is considered a par. You also have the opportunity to go over par which is conisidered bogie, double bogie, triple bogie, and so on. Bogie depends on how many shots over 3 you shoot.

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Q: In what sport does the player with the highest score lose?
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