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Q: How many times did Mickey Mantle strike out 4 times in a game?
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When did Mickey Mantle stop playing baseball?

Mickey Mantle's final game was on September 28, 1968.

When did mickey mantle hit the cycle?

could you please tell me when mickey mantle hit the cycle in a game that is exact date and where

When was Mickey Mantle's first game?

Mickey Mantle made his Major League debut with the New York Yankees on April 17, 1951.

Who did Kramer punch in baseball game on Seinfeld?

I think it was Mickey Mantle

Who holds the record for hitting a home run from both sides of the plate in the same game and how many times did he accomplish the feat?

mickey mantle

How old was Mickey Mantle when he retired?

Mickey Mantle was 37 years old when he announced his retirement on March 1, 1969. His final game was on September 28, 1968.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle autographed unused farewell game ticket?


Why did Mickey Mantle want to play baseball?

Mickey Mantle liked the game, was good, dreamed of it, or he would have to work in a mine and every one of his family members that worked in the mine died young

What is the valve of a mickey mantle first game ticket stub?

About $8,000- condition means a lot.

Who holds the record for the most home runs in both a ws and in a single ws game?

Mickey Mantle

Did Mickey Mantle make any records?

'I Love Mickey' by Mickey Mantle and Teresa BrewerIn 1956 Mickey Mantle recorded a song with Teresa Brewer called "I Love Mickey" under the Coral Records label. Teresa Brewer Sings The Lyrics, and Mickey Mantle Talks Back to her, on the record. She would sing "I Love Mickey" and he would reply "Mickey Who?" (Teresa Brewer) "You know the Fella with the celebrated swing...." The Song came into being when one day Teresa Brewer was at a Yankee game watching Mickey in action. While leaving the Ball park Teresa commented to her friend "That Mantle is terrific! Someone should write a song about him" Teresa started singing her friend chimed in and they had a few bars written. They presented the song to Mickey, and Mantle said "Great", and recorded the song with Teresa.See Related Links below for more information on the record and sheet music.

How many seasons did Mickey Mantle play?

Debut: April 17, 1951Final Game: September 28, 196818 seasons

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