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Mickey Mantle liked the game, was good, dreamed of it, or he would have to work in a mine and every one of his family members that worked in the mine died young

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Q: Why did Mickey Mantle want to play baseball?
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What is the lowest price you could sell a Mickey Mantle baseball card for?

I can guarantee you that you can sell a Mickey Mantle baseball card for as low as you want. You could sell it for as low as a penny, or give it away for free. A Mickey Mantle Topps 1952 rookie card number 311 is worth at least $4,000. in near/mint condition. You should have no problem getting .02 cents for it or even a penny.

Where can you sell a signed Mickey Mantle baseball card?

eBayeBay would be a good place to sell the Mickey Mantle Baseball card. If yo sell the card to a memorabilia dealer you will only get about half the market value or less depending on how long the dealer feels it will take to resell. You will get the most value from a collector. If you have a high valued card you might want to consider going to a private auction house.

What is the value of a baseball with Satchel Paige and Mickey Mantle atuographs on it?

The value of multi signed baseballs cannot be priced by the value of each signature added up. Multi signed baseballs are valued as a group of signatures, and how desired that group is as a whole. This does not necessarily mean that two signatures will sell for less than one, but in most cases it does, or at least not the full value of the two signatures added up.A Satchel Paige single signed baseball is worth between $2,000.-$3,000.A Mickey Mantle single signed baseball is worth about $500.-$800.I could not find any auctions featuring a Satchel Paige Mickey Mantle Dual Signed Baseball and it would most likely sell in the $1,000. -$2,000. price range depending on the ability of finding collectors that desire both signatures on one baseball. A collector looking to buy a Satchel Paige signature might not want the Mickey Mantle signature, and pay less money for it. A collector looking to buy a Mickey Mantle signature might not pay the extra money for the Satchel Paige signature.This will narrow down the number of collectors in the market for a baseball featuring the signatures of Mickey Mantle and Satchel Paige lowering the price.Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.

Who wants probably the only mickey mantle autographed baseball signed by him and most players on the independence kansas Yankees kom league team of 1949?

WikiAnswers is a question and answers website, and is not a forum to sell, buy or trade merchandise. You might want to try eBay or Craigslist.

Where can I sell Mickey Mantle Memorabilia?

It depends on the number of items you have and the value. If you have a large number of items moderately priced you might want to try eBay. There are plenty of big spending Mickey Mantle collectors on eBay always looking to buy. If you have a few high priced items you might want to look into a private auction house, like Heritage Auctions or Robert Edwards. They will get you good exposure to the right people.

What is the value of Mickey Mantle's autograph on an album cover called The Greatest Baseball Collection of Music?

I am not familiar with the record called "The Greatest Baseball Collection of Music" I know of a record called "Baseball's Greatest Hits" and a record featuring Mickey mantle called "My Favorite Hits" Mickey Mantle a 1958 RCA Record. The record itself could effect the value of the signature in the way it displays the signature, and it's connection to Mickey Mantle. A record cover featuring a picture of Mickey Mantle will be more desirable. A collectible record can add some value to the signature to a degree of being more desired by a collector to display the signature but, once the collectible record is signed it becomes a display for the signature and could lose it's value as a collectible. The bulk of the value will rely on the value of the signature. The condition of the album, the condition of the signature, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature as well. Without a letter of authenticity from a reputable company you could land up with half the market value or less. The ink used to sign the album is important. You would want a color that will stand out in contrast to the item signed. The signature should be strong, and bold, as opposed to faded and hard to see. In general I would price the signed record as the value of a large signed photograph, adding extra value if the record is desired, and displays the signature well. That would put the value at about $160.-$240. Desired albums or records might also include; 1973 50th Anniversary Yankees Stadium Record, Joe Garagiola "That Holler Guy," June 8, 1969 Mickey Mantle A Day To Remember, or Willie Mickey & "The Duke" (Talkin' Baseball) For more information on these records visit the links I left below.

How much is an autographed Mickey Mantle Golf ball worth?

If it's a genuine Mantle autograph, it's worth around $300. But you would need a Certificate of Authenticity through a reputable company (i.e. PSA/DNA or BGS/JSA) if you want to sell it for that much.

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How much is a 1958 mickey mantle topps?

its worth nothing because I don't want it. I never seen him pay, so it's worth zero! Kirby Puckett 1984 Fleer update is worth $300 in PSA 10 to me. What's it worth to you??

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