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Q: What is the value of a Mickey Mantle autographed unused farewell game ticket?
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What is the valve of a mickey mantle first game ticket stub?

About $8,000- condition means a lot.

What is the value of a Mickey Mantle autographed 1953 world series ticket?

Mickey Mantle signed 1953 World Series Ticket StubThe value of an unsigned 1953 World Series ticket stub in excellent - near mint condition is about $100.- $150. Once the ticket is signed the ticket cannot achieve a high grade in condition, it loses it's value as a collectible, and the bulk of the value will now rely on the signature and how well the signature is displayed on the ticket. In general a Mickey Mantle signed World Series ticket Stub is worth about $150.-$300. Value will vary based on the grade of the signature, the type of ink used to sign the ticket, how it stands out in contrast to the printing behind it. (Eye appeal) and the type of authenticity that accompanies it.Signatures that are not properly authenticated could ell at half the market value or less.

What is the value of a Woodstock ticket autographed by Jerry Garcia?


What is the value of a Mickey Mantle game ticket with Mickey batting average at .302?

I'm not sure what you mean by a "Mickey Mantle Game Ticket" If you mean a ticket or ticket stub from a game that Mickey Mantle played in then the value will be effected if Mickey hit a home Run that game. The fact that Mantle had a life time batting average of .302 when the game was played will not effect the value. Mantle had a Life time batting average of .302 when he started his last season in 1968.Vintage baseball ticket stubs for all teams from this era in general are worth about $10.-$15. Condition is important. Rips, crease, stains and fading could bring the price down significantly. With ticket stubs if the stub was not torn cleanly it will effect the price as will if the stub was stapled to a program (holes) which is a common practice.Ticket stubs from baseball games that feature special events or player milestones are highly sought after by collectors. Special events such as opening day, inaugural games, last game at a Stadium, play-offs, World Series, etc. Player milestones can include 500 home runs, 300 win, or any record breaking event.There is a large community of collectors that collect tickets stubs of baseball games when a noted player wins a game or hits a Home Run. Record breaking Players such as Mickey Mantle, Mays Aaron, and now players like Alex Rodriguez who have a shot at hitting 500, 600 home runs or more. Tickets/stubs from these games are very desirable, and will bring top dollar if a collector needs this ticket to complete their set.Try to find the box score of the game played on the date your ticket stub is from. Look for a player milestone for a noted player on both teams. For example: Mickey Mantle hit 536 career home runs. A ticket stub from the game he hit his 182nd HR sold for $75 on eBay. I will leave a link to a list of games that Mickey Mantle hit a home run. It's a long list and allow time for the page to load.

Who will buy origonal Woodstock ticket autographed by Jerry garcia?

A Jerry Garcia fan would buy an original Woodstock ticket autographed by the performer. A person could attempt to sell the ticket on sites such as eBay or through a local pawn shop.

What is the value of a mint 1992 Hooters 500 ticket autographed by Richard Petty?


Do you have to have already have a Disneyland ticket to go to mickey's Halloween party?

A Disneyland ticket is not required to go to the Halloween Party. If you have a party ticket, you get entry into Disneyland on the day of your party AFTER 4pm.

What is the value of an autographed WNBA finals ticket signed by rookie of the year Maya Moore?

You can get up to 5,000 or more

What is the value of an autographed Jimmy Page and Robert Plant concert ticket stub from 1998?

I'll try to compare some similar items: A autographed Coda album, including John Paul Jones' autograph can go for about $1000. I have an autographed framed poster, signed by Robert & Jimmy with a JPJ bass pick in shadowbox that could probably sell for around $1000. Compare those to a smaller, autographed concert ticket, and I'd be willing to bet the price drops significantly. Maybe $200 to $300 in the right market? The problem with it is that the signing surface is so small, and the ticket isn't really a great memorabilia item because it's basically a Ticketmaster ticket, I assume (?).

How much is a Ben Hogan autographed Ryder Cup ticket worth?

Try ebay, a sports memoribilia auction or a collector.

Is a Mickey's Halloween Party ticket good for both theme parks?

No. You have to buy 2 tickets to get into both.

What is an autographed Lynyrd Skynyrd Epiphone Les Paul from the 30th Anniversary Tour VIP ticket package with authenticity valued?

14,99 $

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