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The answer is 5. (1915, 1938, 1970, 1979, 1981.)

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Q: How many carlton verses collingwood grand finals have carlton won?
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Who are Top 5 teams who have won the most grand finals in AFL?

Essendon, Carlton, Collingwood, Melbourne, ??

How many grand finals has collingwood been in?

they have been in 36 grand finals

Has Collingwood won a grand final?

Yes. Collingwood has won 15 Grand Finals altogether - only Essendon and Carlton have won more, in fact. By the commencement of 2011, Collingwood had won the previous year's grand final play-off - in 2010 - marking their 15th such win.

Who have won lots AFL grand finals?

Carlton 16; Essendon 16; Collingwood 15; Melbourne 12; Richmond 10; Hawthorn 10

How many Grand Finals have Collingwood won?


Which four clubs have won the most AFL grand finals?

As of the year 2010, Essendon and Carlton have each won 16 Premierships. Collingwood has won 15 grand finals, and Melbourne, I believe, might be 4th with 13 Grand Final victories.

What 4 AFL clubs have had the most grand final appearances?

Collingwood has made the most Grand finals, but has lost more than its fair share. The others are: Carlton Essendon Hawthorn

Who has Collingwood beaten in grand finals?

Once: Carlton, Melbourne, St Kilda Twice: Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong, Sth Melbourne Four Times: Richmond

How many grand finals has Carlton won?

Carlton has won 16 Grand Finals, and therefore, 16 Premierships in AFL football.

AFL premiership table?

Carlton & Essendon have both have 16 premierships, however Essendon have only won 14 grand finals. Collingwood have 14 Melbourne has 12

What team played in the most grand finals in the AFL and the VFL?


How many grand finals has Carlton played in?


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