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Q: Does the pitcher get an assist on a strikeout in baseball?
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Letter K in baseball?

K represents a strikeout for a pitcher, or by the hitter.

If a catcher is credited with a putout on a strikeout does the pitcher get an assist as most stat programs do not give assists in this instance?

The pitcher does not get an assist unless the batter strikes out and the ball bounces to the pitcher, who throws the ball to the catcher, who tags out the runner.

Does a pitcher get an assit on a strikeout?


What is the reason in baseball to hang the letter K after a player does what?

Generally Speaking, baseball fans display a small sign at a ball park when the pitcher they are routing for makes a strikeout. The K stands for strikeout.

I know that the forward K when scoring baseball means strikeout swinging and backward K means strikeout looking but what does the hollow outlined K mean?

It signifies a new pitcher's strike out.

Is a catcher and pitcher get credited with a putout on a strikeout?

A strikeout is a pitching statistic. The pitcher is credited with a strikeout under his or her pitching stats. A putout is a fielding statistic for defense. The catcher is credited with the putout under his or her fielding stats.

What pitcher had the most strikeouts in Major League Baseball history?

Nolan Ryan holds the career MLB strikeout record with 5,714.

Is the pitcher awarded a strikeout with catcher interference on strike three?


In baseball what does SO stand for?

shut out Its a Strikeout SO - Strikeout, SHO - Shutout K - Strikeout, SO - Shut out

What is a strikeout in Baseball?

A strikeout is when you either miss the ball or if you swing during a ball.

In softball who gets a putout for a strikeout?

The pitcher is credited with a strikeout. The catcher is credited with the putout, unless the batter-runner has to be retired at first base with a throw from the catcher. In that case, the catcher would get an assist and the base man covering first would get the putout.Source(s):Senior League Baseball World Series information director; Official Baseball Rules: 10.09(b)(1), 10.10(b)(1), 10.15(a)

What pitcher holds strikeout title for most strikeouts?

Nolan Ryan

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