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The Pitcher does the most work on a Baseball diamond because the pitcher works on every play to try to strikeout the batter. The other players just try to get the batter/runner out when the batter hits the ball.

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Q: Who does most work on a baseball diamond?
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Where can baseball be played?

Baseball can be played anywhere on land. To be more specific, it can be played on a baseball diamond or a baseball field. Most people play on a baseball diamond when they compete and/or play for fun. They are most likely to be at nearby parks.

Baseball Ground known as?

The playground of baseball is known as Diamond. A baseball field also called a ball field or a baseball diamond is a field upon which the game of baseball is played. The term is also used as a metonym for baseball park.

Nickname for a baseball field?


What is the area of a baseball diamond?

The area of a baseball diamond is 8100 square feet.

What did the the baseball field give to his girlfriend?

A diamond because a baseball field is a diamond shape

Does diamond codes work in platinum?

No They only work on Diamond

When was Baseball Australia Diamond Awards created?

Baseball Australia Diamond Awards was created in 2006.

The most expensive baseball glove?

Technically the most expensive baseball glove is the Nike Air Diamond Elite Pro because it costs $400 exactly and the Rawlings Primo is listed @ $399.99.

What is the answer to the joke what do you call the person who mows the grass on a baseball field?

The individual who mows the grass on a baseball field is known as a diamond cutter. Cutting diamond is a skill, and a baseball field is called a diamond.

Where is the fifth gem in buildabearvillecom?

i think you play the baseball game because the monkey said diamond. if it doesn't work I'm sorry

What are baseball players playing on?

Baseball diamond

What base is not entirely in the infield of a baseball diamond?

Every base is in the infieldof the average baseball diamond with regular dimensions.

How do you get the diamond pattern on the grass of a baseball field?

The diamond pattern of the grass on a baseball field is accomplished by the pattern of mowing.

Is the term diamond used in baseball?

Yes it is. They sometimes call the field 'the baseball diamond' but other than that its not used.

What is a diamond ploy?

A "diamond ploy" would be a bunt in baseball.

Baseball diamond size?

A baseball "diamond" is in fact not actually a diamond. It is a square with 90 foot sides, for a perimeter of 360 feet and an area of 8100 square feet.

What is the most natural diamond in the world?

Every natural diamond is the most natural diamond.

How does a baseball field looks like?

A baseball field looks like a diamond. There is the infield and there is the outfield that make up the look of a diamond. If you have ever been in an air plane and went over a baseball field you can see that it has a diamond shape.

Why is a baseball field called a diamond?

Because the field is in the shape of a diamond

I have the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl strategy guide. It tells you what pokemon appear in the grass will the wild pokemon guide for diamond and pearl work for platinum as well?

For most routes, the pokemon be the same. But a couple of routes will be different compared to diamond/pearl.

Where the baseball is played?

baseballs are played in baseball games, usually on a baseball diamond

Which sports is played on a diamond?

baseballThe sport played on a field called a diamond is baseball. The diamond is made up of first base, second base, third base, and home plate, all in a diamond shape.

A baseball diamond has 90 ft between each base A sofball diamond has 60 ft between each base How many yards longer is the space between bases an a baseball diamond than a softball diamond?

10 yards

What is a baseball diamond?

A baseball diamond is the four-cornered portion of a baseball field in which the corners are the three bases and the home plate - which the batters run around to score home runs.

Where is the baseball played?

Baseball is played on a baseball diamond or as more people call it a baseball field.