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YEs Baseball does exist it is a very popular sports especially in the united states but is played all around the globe.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-04 20:06:37
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Q: Does baseball exist
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How many years did Border leaque exist in baseball?

The Border league did not exist in baseball. It is a rugby league formed in 1901.

Does donkey baseball exist in Canada?

yes it does

Do female baseball players get baseball cards?

Female professional baseball does not exist, so no they don't however I am not sure if they have softball cards.

How do you get Michael Jordan in MVP baseball 2005?

Michael Jordan is not in the MVP baseball series. You can create him if you want, but he doesn't "exist".

What national or international competitions exist for baseball?

The Carribean World Series and Pan-Am games are.

What summer olympic events no longer exist?

I only know one and that's baseball.

Are composite baseball bats legal?

According to the BESR composite bats are compulsory when playing baseball in America sine 2003, however in Mexico they are still illegal and in the UK baseball doesn't exist.

How much is 1804 baseball cards worth when 4 of them are signed?

Baseball did not exist in 1804, and the players that signed the cards would need to be known to give a value.

Does a Jim Morris Tops Baseball Card Exist?

He appeared in the 2000 Bowman set, card #164

Does Biddy Owens exist?

Yes he was a baseball player. He lived in Birmingham.He lived at the time of colored & white.

What baseball teams no longer exist?

Montreal Expos Boston Braves Brooklyn Dodgers Seattle Pilots

What is one of highest valued baseball cards?

The T206 Honus Wagner is generally considered to be the most expensive baseball card in the world. Less than 100 are believed to exist.

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