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Baseball did not exist in 1804, and the players that signed the cards would need to be known to give a value.

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Q: How much is 1804 baseball cards worth when 4 of them are signed?
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1804 US liberty copy coin worth?

class-1-{1804-liberty] What thinks?

What is a 1804 silver half dollar worth?

The U.S. didn't make any half dollars dated 1804.

What is a 1804 liberty coin from the National Collector's Mint worth?

The question does not state what denomination the 1804 coin is. Post new question.

What is 1804 draped bust silver dollar worth?

A dollar

What is the value of 1804 silver dollar copy from gallery mint museum eureka springs AR 1992 in box as shipped with a booklet of history of of 1804 silver dollar?

This is NOT an original 1804 silver dollar. The value is only worth what the metal is worth. If it's made out silver it will be worth more than if it just has a silver plating with some like a stainless steel core.

What is a 1804 Indian head penny worth?

No Indian Head cents were struck in 1804, but they were made in 1904 and values for average circulated coins is $1.00-$3.00

How much is a mandolin harp made in the year 1804 worth?

dont know asking you

What the value of a 1804 in good condition dime?

1804 is a rare date for bust dimes. In grade GOOD it is worth about $1,500 ... BUT you need to get it certified to make sure it is authentic and properly graded.

How much is a 1804 deutsches Reich 5 pfennig worth?

ANSWER In 1804 there was no German Empire (Deutsches Reich). Thank you I realise now we have made a mistake and it is 1894

What is a 1804 penny worth?

If you mean an American large cent, there are originals actually minted in 1804, very bad restrikes made in 1860, and fakes. A genuine 1804 cent sells for at least $2000, while the restrikes go for several hundred. Fakes are worthless of course. If you have an apparent 1804 Large Cent you should have it inspected in person by a dealer or appraiser.

What is the value of a fake 1804 US silver dollar?

If it's a fake, it's worth little to nothing.

How much is a 1804 silver peace dollar worth?

Peace dollars were minted from 1921 to 1935. Only 15 1804 dollars are known and all are accounted for. If you have an "1804 dollar" it's one of the trainloads of counterfeits available from less-than-reputable vendors.

How much is 1804 e pluribus unum coin worth?

All US coins dated 1804 except the Cent & Half-Cent have the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, more information is needed.

Is 1804 divisible by 25?

1804 is not divisible by 25. Dividing 1804 by 25 gives you 72.16.

What is worth more the German Mark in paper or coin?

The 1804 Silver dollar, Class I and the 2007 C$1m coin are worth more than the German Mark

1804 us silver dollar value if it is fake?

Counterfeit coins are worth about as much as the (usually) low-quality metal that they're made of. 1804 dollars are among the most frequently faked coins because real ones are worth millions, but all of those have been accounted for.

What is 1804 - 1786?

1804 - 1786 = 18

What happened on July 11 1804?

July 10 1804 ended

How much is an 1804 confederate one dollar bill worth?

Please check again. The Confederacy existed from 1861 to 1865.

What is the value of an 1804 Liberty head silver dollar?

A authentic Draped Bust 1804 dollar is worth over Two Million dollars, but all 19 known examples are well accounted for. Many counterfeits & copy's exist, also it's a favorite for modern "Silver Rounds" made to look like the 1804 dollar.

What is the market price of the 1804 Bust Draped US Silver Dollar?

A real one is worth more than a million dollars.

Who was the American president in 1804?

Thomas Jefferson was the American president in 1804.

Are any Morgan silver dollar worth one million dollars?

The only dollar coins that sell for over $1M are 1804 dollars.

What happened to napoleon in 1804?

On Dec. 2, 1804 Napoleon was crowned Emperor.

Who was elected president in 1804?

Thomas Jefferson was elected to a second term in 1804.

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