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yes it does

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Q: Does donkey baseball exist in Canada?
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What is Donkey Baseball?

Playing baseball with a donkey.

Are there donkey shows in Windsor Canada?

There are donkey shows in Windsor, Canada during the Windsor Fair Time. The show is during Labor Day weekend every year.

What animal that is half monkey and half donkey?

Such an animal doesn't exist.

What actors and actresses appeared in Donkey Baseball - 1935?

The cast of Donkey Baseball - 1935 includes: Robert Milasch as Donkey Keeper Pete Smith as Narrator Cotton Warburton as Center Fielder

Does Canada exist?

Yes, Canada exists.

What does Canada smell like?

Nothing. Canada doesn't exist!

What do they call a cross between a donkey and a mule?

That is not possible. A crossbreed between a donkey and a horse is a mule. However, because the donkey and the horse are two different species, the mule is infertile, meaning it cannot reproduce. Because it cannot reproduce, it cannot mate with a donkey, and as such a crossbreed cannot exist.

Did man cross breed the mare and donkey to create a mule or did they already exist?

Mules are a cross breed of a horse and a donkey. Most mules are sterile and can't bare offspring.

What types of school exists in Canada?

All types of school exist in Canada.

What was the setting of Upper Canada in the 1860's?

Upper Canada did not exist in the 1860s.

What are three countries in Canada besides Canada?

Canada is a country in itself. Countries don't exist within a country: Countries exist within a continent. Therefore, it is impossible for there to be any sort of country inside the country of Canada.

What type of climate does Canada have?

it is rainy like a donkey bum