Is Rap4 a good paintball provider?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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it really depends on what your buying i wouldn't advise buying any markers or upgrades except the rap4 rap5 and rap47 those are great markers) from them but there grenade launchers landmines and vests are really great

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Q: Is Rap4 a good paintball provider?
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What can one buy from the website Rap4?

RAP4 sells paintball equipment. One can purchase paintball guns, target practice projectiles, tactical gear such as head or body gear, and tool kits and replacement parts for repairing any paintball equipment.

How much does a paintball course cost?

The cheapest on rap4 is $1700+ dollars.

What is the paintball gun that has A mag?

Yes. several Tiberius arms and Rap4 markers are magazine fed.

Where can you buy paintball mace?

try im pretty sure they have a great self defense category to look through

Does the RAP4 T68 AK47 Paintball Gun have different firing modes?

yes, with the e-trigger you will able to shoot: semi, burst and full auto

Will paintball shells dissolve in water?

yes, paint balls will swell and then dissolve in water in about three days. except for rap4 GOLF balls, which decompose under sunlight.

Does 22 inch Rap4 98 paintball barrel fit Tipmann Alpha Black?

Although anything over 14 inches makes your marker less efficient, yes, it will fit.

Are rap4 markers good?

They are usually overpriced, however they are some of the most realistic markers on the market.

What is a good paintball website? is a good paintball but for information is

What kind of paintball marker that is 250 or less and good and easily customizable and looks real but not tippmann?

you're asking for the perfect gun, and it doesn't exist. There are Guns for 250 that are good and perform well: Azodin BLitz Pro slg Smart Parts Vibe SP1 And theres guns that "look real" or customizable for milsim: BT-4 Delta RAP4/PCS - US-5 AK47 RAP4/PCS US-5 M4 Carbine T68 Tactical Carbine There are none in both categories. Also all Tippman's are great for customization

How good do you have to be to play paintball?

Good at what? You cant tell how good at paintball you are if you've never played.

Where to get rap4 paint ball guns? has all of them. Some feilds and army-navy's too. No sporting goods stores or walmarts will.