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Although anything over 14 inches makes your marker less efficient, yes, it will fit.

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Q: Does 22 inch Rap4 98 paintball barrel fit Tipmann Alpha Black?
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What can the alpha black paintball gun do?

It shoots semi automatic and has a removable feedneck and barrel.

Will a flatline barrel fit on an alpha black?

Yes, the 98 threaded Flatline Barrel will fit the Alpha black.

What apex barrel fits an alpha black?

Any apex barrel with a 98 thread will fit the alpha black.

What caliber is the us army alpha black paintball gun?


What stock does the alpha black paintball marker use?

The tippmann 98 stock.

What is the difference between a us army alpha black paintball gun tactical edition?

The tactical edition has a 4 point butt stock and an 11 inch barrel and, M4- style barrel shroud. Otherwise it has no stock and a stock 8 inch Tippmann barrel.

What is the barrel diameter for the alpha black?

.685 of an inch.

How much is a US Army Alpha Black paintball gun used?

Price or usage?

Will the BT 1913 barrel kit fit on the Tippmann alpha black tactical?

Yes, the standard barrel has A5/x7 threads, but you can order it with 98/Alpha black threads.

If a alpha black shoots three paintball what do you do?

Make sure your handle is screwed on correctly and tightly.

Is the alpha black paintball gun recommended for beginers?

Yes. It is cheap, reliable, and is low maintenance.