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Keep them as minimal as possible. Do not lift anything above 10 pounds. Use small dumbbells which are 2-5 pounds in weight for all exercises.

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Q: What size weights should a sixty-five year old woman lift?
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How many times a week should a woman lift weights?

about 3

You are strong eleven year old gymnast should you lift wheights and if so how much?

if you do lift weights,be sure not to lift to heavy 11 and i lift weights ,and do push ups,and chin ups.

When should you do weights?

You should lift weights about 3 times a week. Any time of the day is good.

How fast should you lift weights?

It don't matter how fast you list the weights, it all depends on how much pounds the weights are, and how often you lift them. But I wouldnt lift them to fast, because you might pull a muscle.

Should people with kidney disease lift weights?


Can you lift weights after disk replacement surgery?

you should ask your doctor but it is not recomended

Should you lift heavy weights when triaining to play baseball?

The only way to add muscle is to lift heavy weights. Your muscles need to be overloaded to break them down and force them to adapt. You may be sore, but heavy weights is a necessity.

How do i gain muscle without using any products?

Lift weights :-) Lift weights :-)

Will lifting weights help you get stronger?

if you wanna get strong you should lift heavy weights, heavy weights gives strength and big muscle's, low weights gives fit/slim body

How many times are you supposed to lift weights?

You smell your butt 1,000 times to lift weights

What should you do to get a six pack?

Do torso and chest exersise every day and lift weights.

Can i lift dumbbells if i am 5''6 and weigh 124lbs and 16yrs old if i can lift weights how much should i lift pls help me tanx?

What ever your age, you can lift dumbells. I lift 10kg per arm Comfortably and i am 13, have you tryed picking up weights yet? and if you have how much can you lift? Reply back please.