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Yes. A lot of boys do weights before girls. Some girls don't even do weights. A lot of girls do weights before boys as well. Some boys don't do weights either.

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Q: Can boys start lifting weights before girls?
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When did Lou ferrigno start lifting weights?

When he was 14

Is thirteen or fourteen to young to start lifting weights?

no. my son is 11 and has been lifting for a month.

Why is it when you first start lifting weights you feel fat?

because you are.

What is the quickest way to build muscle?

The quickest way to build muscle is to start lifting weights. Start off with lighter weights until you can lift them easier and start increasing the weights.

How can a man get rid of his man breasts without surgery?

Start lifting weights.

At what age should one start lifting weights?

around 12 years old

Is it true that if you start lifting weights at the ag of 13 - 15 that you can stop growing?

No way!

How do you become involved in competitive arm wrestling?

try lifting some weights to start buddy!

What size weights should a fourteen year old use?

Start lifting with what you are comfortable with and then gradually start adding weight. Ex. start lifting 5lb, next week (or every other week) make it a 10lb weight

How do I begin to start building strength?

In order to start building strength, you will first have to modify your diet, then you will have to acquire weights (start small) and do daily routines with lifting.

What age should you start lifting weights at?

It is generally recommended to start lifting weights around the age of 14-16, once the body has developed sufficient strength and coordination. It is important to start with light weights and proper technique to prevent injury. Consulting with a fitness professional or coach can help determine the appropriate starting age.

Why is it bad to do weights as a tennager?

Because teenagers are still growing and lifting weights can stop their growth. If you start bodybuilding, then be careful and consult a doctor when you feel something is not right. Don't hurt yourself.