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This depends on what you mean by Thoroughbred Paint.

Thoroughbreds and Paints are two separate breeds. You can however have Thoroughbreds with pinto markings, but they are not Paints. You can also have Paint horses registered as appendix if they have one Thoroughbred parent.

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Q: Are there thoroughbred paint horses in Arizona?
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Popular breeds of horses?

Quarter horse, thoroughbred, arabian, paint

Are paint horses allowed to be entered in the Kentucky Derby?

You will not see a Paint horse in the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is for Thoroughbreds only. A Paint is a spotted horse with Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Are thoroughbred horses the fastest horses in the world?

Thoroughbred horses were bred to be race horses. They are fast indeed, but it doesnt mean they are the fastest.

What is the difference between a paint pony and a pinto pony?

Traditionally, nothing - both are horses with two or more colors in patches. The American Paint Horse is a breed that has been fairly recently recognized, however - paint horses must have Quarter horse and Thoroughbred bloodlines.

Did the artist H. Hargrove ever paint a picture of thoroughbred horses racing?

I just came from a consignment shop where there was a Kentucky Derby painting by H. Hargrove.

Which are the types of horses?

There are appaloosa horses and American saddlebred horses, thoroughbred horses and American quarter horses, there also are more types

What is a thoroughbred paint cross called?

I'm not sure if APHA accepts Thoroughbred dams or sires, but they used to. My paint had all kinds of Thoroughbred bloodlines, but they were from generations past. In the case that they DO accept them, your horse could be a registered paint. Otherwise, no dice. If he/she is colored like a paint, you can register him/her as a Pinto. They'll take anything with color. But if you're looking for something to write down on paper, I'd go with "Thoroughbred/Paint cross," honestly =)

What place do Thoroughbred horses come from?

Thoroughbreds are from England.

What were the common breeds of horses?

welsh Shetland thoroughbred

How are Seabiscuit the book and Shergar the movie alike?

They are both about Thoroughbred race horses, other than that they are unrelated.

Are thoroughbred horses the only racing stock?

No, others include quarter horses and standardbreds.

Do they artificial insemenate race horses?

Yes, AI is widely used in breeding thoroughbred horses.