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They are both about Thoroughbred race horses, other than that they are unrelated.

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They are distantly related and they are both famous Thoroughbred race horses.

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Q: How are Seabiscuit the book and Shergar the movie alike?
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What is a 2003 drama movie based on Laura Hillenbrand book?

Seabiscuit is a movie based on the best-selling book by Laura Hillenbrand.

Is the ramona and beezus book anything like the movie?

No, the book and movie are nothing alike.

What genre is Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand?

According to Hillenbrand herself, she was looking through some racing material in 1996 and more or less stumbled over Seabiscuit. She felt his story needed to be told and we are grateful for it.

How is the book of the hunger games alike to the movie?

mostly so... yea

When Seabiscuit was published?

Laura Hillenbrand's book "Seabiscuit: An American Legend" was published on March 26, 2001.

Did you read Seabiscuit?

Several times, it's a great book.

Can you tell me more about the Jockey named Lara mentioned in the Seabiscuit movie?

I could find no information about a jockey named Lara, but the author of the book Seabiscuit:An American Legend, on which the movie was based, is Laura Hillenbrand.

What did the Indians call tom smith in the book seabiscuit?

(The Lone Plainsman)

What 2003 film is based on the true story of a former bicycle repairman Charles Howard?

The film was named Seabiscuit. It was based on the book "Seabiscuit: An American Legend" by Laura Hillenbrand.

Where can you find seabiscuit chapter notes?

Seabiscuit chapter notes can typically be found in study guides or companion materials that may be provided by a teacher, book club, or online resource. You can try checking websites like SparkNotes or CliffsNotes for detailed chapter summaries and analysis of Seabiscuit.

Can you give me a summary for chapter 7 for the book Seabiscuit?

In chapter 7 of "Seabiscuit," the focus is on the emergence of both Seabiscuit's true potential as a racehorse and his connection with jockey Red Pollard. The chapter highlights their development as a successful team and the growing public interest in their partnership, culminating in key race victories that solidify Seabiscuit's reputation as a contender in the racing world.

What famous horse inspired two movies one starring Shirley Temple and one based on the Laura Hillenbrand book?