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Q: Why was Coach Canfield of Washington and Lee University fired?
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Has the University of Michigan ever fired a head football coach?

Gary Moeller was apparently fired for a fight in a restaurant in the 1990s.

Who is the Michigan wolverine football coach?

The current coach of the University of Michigan football team is Brady Hoke, who took the position in 2011 after the University fired Rich Rodriguez.

Who was the football coach from the University of Alabama that was fired for gambling?

I don't know that he was a gambler but Mike Price was fired in 2003 after a night of partying at a strip club. He was hired after the 2002 season and didn't coach a game for Alabama.

Who coached the redskin's from 2002-2003?

Steve Spurrier. Washington posted a 12-20 record in those two years and Spurrier was fired. He later went on to coach the University of South Carolina football team, where he has been coaching since 2005.

Did the broncos head coach get fired?

yes they fired head coach Josh mcdaniels and replaced him with running back coach Eric studesville for the rest of the season

Who is Jim Zorn?

Jim zorn is the head coach for the Washington redskins hes also know for playing quarterback for the new seatle seahawks expasion team and he was left handed He is no longer Washington Redskin Head Coach. Was fired at the end of the 2009 season.

Did lombardi from redskins get fired?

No, Vince Lombardi passed away from colon cancer in September, 1970 after one season as head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Who is Tyrone Willingham?

Ty Willingham is the current head coach of Washington. Previously, he was head coach at Notre Dame (the first and only black head coach) and Stanford. Notre Dame fired Willingham after subpar seasons and has been a discussion of debate to this day.

Why was Tom Langry fired?

New Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted to bring in the University of Miami's Jimmy Johnson as his head coach.

Who is the only Kansas Jayhawk head coach to be fired?

Ted Owns was fired

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers coach before Chuck Noll?

Bill Austin.Austin was head coach of the Steelers between 1966-1968. He was fired after the 1968 season and replaced by Noll. Austin then went to the Washington Redskins as an assistant coach in 1969 and was named interim head coach in 1970 after the passing of Vince Lombardi.

Was the Ole Miss football coach fired?

Not yet