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I don't know that he was a gambler but Mike Price was fired in 2003 after a night of partying at a strip club. He was hired after the 2002 season and didn't coach a game for Alabama.

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Q: Who was the football coach from the University of Alabama that was fired for gambling?
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Who was the 1926 University of Alabama Head Coach?

William Wallace Wade was the Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama in 1926.

How much does Alabama's football coach make?

The current University of Alabama head coach has an eight year 32 million dollar contract.

Who is Bill Curry?

Answer this question...Head football coach for the University of Georgia Tech and then Alabama.

Who followed Ray Perkins As University of Alabama Football coach?

Ray Perkins' final season as head coach of Alabama was 1986. The head coach in 1987 was Bill Curry.

Who was Alabama state university's head football coach in 2007?

Reggie Barlow ... 2007 was his first season as head coach of the Hornets.

What coach had the shortest tenure at Alabama?

As of 2008, Mike Price has the shortest tenure as head football coach of the University of Alabama. He was relieved of his job before coaching a single game.

What collage did Forrest gump go to?

In the movie, he played football for the University of Alabama and Coach "Bear" Bryant.

Who was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban?

Mike Shula was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban.

Where did Clemson's head Football coach come from?

Dabo Swinney had been a wide receivers coach with Clemson, since 2003, before taking over as head coach in 2008. Prior to that he was out of football and working in real estate in Alabama. Swinney was born in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from the University of Alabama in 1993. He was a receivers coach at Alabama between 1996-2000.

Who was Alabama's football coach after Ray perkins?

Bill Curry succeeded Ray Perkins as the Alabama Crimson Tide football coach.

Where did coach bear Bryant graduate in Alabama?

university of alabama

Who was the university of Alabama's first coach?

That was E.B. Beaumont who was head football coach in 1892. The Tide's record that season was 2-2 and it was the only season the Beaumont served as head coach.

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