Why are girls good at karate?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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There's no rule that girls do better in karate. Some would argue that girls are not as physically fit as guys. But karate is not about physical strength only. One should even have mental strength to succeed in the sport and it is known by everyone that girls are mentally stronger.

In my experience, girls that do karate really want to do it, and so their focus and attention is so much better than the boys that are trying to be 'macho' about it. Girls have to learn the technique correctly as they don't always have the size or muscle to 'power through' an incorrectly done technique, so their skill grows faster. The other thing is that girls, in general, have a natural ability to put their hips into their techniques, something that can be really hard for some guys.

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Q: Why are girls good at karate?
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Karate is very good for girls. Some of my best students are girls. They have good focus and learn well.

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