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There are many muscles in the body that are used in a roundhouse kick. The abs are used, side muscles, thigh muscles, and the butt muscles.

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Q: What muscles are used in roundohouse kick?
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What agonist muscles are used in a soccer kick?

your muscle tissue

What muscles are used in the flutter kick?

All of them! Good kicks require solid muscles from the feet up into the abs. Good punches require solid muscles from the shoulders down to the toes. And every muscle needs to be able to take a punch or a kick without becoming useless.

What muscles are used in a drop kick?

It depends on the kick, for example: a snap kick as is known in martial arts is made by contracting the quadriceps muscles very quickly with the hip flexed so the thigh is parallel to the floor.

What muscles are used in a soccer kick - Prime Mover - Antagonist - Fixators - Assisters?

Your mothers vajina bone

What muscles are used in a martial arts kick?

it is in fact Taekwon-Do's step behind side kick, on fight science the measured the amount of damage that one kick from each martial art enterd would deliver, taekwondo came in first without even using its strongest kick for the test Ben frasier used a turning kick which was measured as the fastest and strongest second came the Muay thai shin kick. however Ben fraiser quoted that he in fact did not use his strongest kick.

What muscle helps you kick a soccer ball?

Leg muscles

What are the Agonist muscles used to kick a soccer ball?

The hamstring and gluteal (buttocks) muscles.

Why does your baby kick so much?

Babies kick because they can't walk yet, but they need to exercise their leg muscles.

Why do your shins begin to hurt when doing the breaststroke?

The breast stroke kick requires the swimmer to flex and kick outward. In doing so, the shins muscles are used to keep the foot flexed and the outcome is the body glides forward.

What muscles do you use to do a kick in cheerleading?

your abs, thighs, calves, and if you put our arms up, youir arm muscles of course ! (: a

How do you do a kick flip?

you need to get it in the nice big area on your feet and also control it example the ball goes away from you by 2 cm maybe make your leg back to get it again and get it controlled again and 1 more think don't make your toes up make it relax

What muscles are used in the gymnastics crucifix?

|The muscles used in a crucifix in gymnastics are your abs and your forearm muscles