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Kan is a Japanese word referring to a place or building. Ryu is family or style. Both are often used to specify a grouping of martial artists that share a common heritage. Both can be used in a style name, for example Shido Kan Shorin Ryu.

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Q: What is the difference between karate ryu and kan?
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Who invented shotokan karate?

It was a style of karate brought to Japan from Okinawa by Gichin Funakoshi. He modified Shorin Ryu karate to fit the what was needed in Japan. It was named after his pen name Shoto and the name for a place, Kan.

What are the most popular styles of karate?

Shorin-ryu, Shotokan, Goji-ryu, kenpo, shito-ryu, wado-ryu

What are the major karate styles worldwide?

Okinawa Karate * Shorin Ryu * GoJu Ryu * Shito Ryu * Wado Ryu Korean Karate * Tang Soo Do * Tae Kwon Do * Hapkido Japanese Karate * Shotokan

What is some the information about shotokan karate?

It was derived from Shorin Ryu karate from Okinawa. It was brought there from Okinawa by Gichin Funakoshi. Shoto was his pen name that he wrote poetry under. Kan means place or house. It got its name from the first dojo, Shoto Kan, or House of Shoto.

Name a martial art that begins with an S?

* Shuri ryu Karate * Shorin ryu Karate

What were the two types of karate that gichin funakoshi used to make shotokan karate?

Shorei-ryu and Shorin-ryu

How old were most of the people that studied Uechi Ryu karate?

All ages study Uechi Ryu karate.

What is wada ryu karate?

Wada ryu karate is a form of karate that has influences from all the main styles of karate, but the only differences are in the kata's. for example, the pinan's and unsu are from Wada ryu style.

What is the web address of the Shorin Ryu Karate in Merritt Island Florida?

The web address of the Shorin Ryu Karate is:

What is ryu's martial art called?


What is goju-ryu?

Its an Okinawan style of Karate.

What actors and actresses appeared in Karate Hyung of Chayon-Ryu - 2010?

The cast of Karate Hyung of Chayon-Ryu - 2010 includes: Scott Geiter as Narrator