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Bullfighting is held in many towns throughout Spain, Mexcio, Portugal, France and in several Central and South American countries. In most other countries bullfights are illegal.

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Spain, Mexico, France, Portugal and some South American countries such as Columbia and Peru hold bullfights.

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Spain, Portugal and France hold bullfights.

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Q: What countries do people bullfight in?
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How many people attend a bullfight?

On a trip to Spain, I attended a bullfight. They killed 6 bulls that day. I will NEVER go to another bullfight.

Where do you find a bullfight?

Traditional Spanish-style bullfight are held in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France, and in several South and Central American countries.

Who goes or attends a bullfight?

Things/people that attend a bullfight are: the audience (dressed nicely), the bulls, and matadors.

Why do people bullfight?

People bullfight for various reasons, including tradition, culture, and entertainment. Some believe it is a skilled art form showcasing bravery and agility, while others see it as a cruel and outdated practice. The motivations behind bullfighting can vary greatly depending on one's perspective and cultural background.

Why people bullfight are okay with them getting hurt an kill?

In countries such as Mexico and Spain bullfighting is a sport. The sport has risks, much like bullriding and they don't see it as animal cruelty.

When is it best to see a bullfight?

Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France, several countries in Central and South America.

How did bullfighting spread?

As the Spanish Empire grew, the bullfight was introduced into newly conquered countries. That is how it came to Mexico and many countries in Central and South America.

Why people don't love bullfight?

because you are killing innocent animals.

Who is more important in a bullfight?

There are many important participants in a bullfight but the main ones are the matador and the bull. Without either of these there could be no bullfight.

Where is bullfighting played?

A bullfight is not 'played' as one would play a sport. A bullfight is performed in an arena called a plaza de toros(bullring). Fights are held in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, France and a number of countries in South and Central America.

What is a bullfight star?

The matador, the torero who kills the bull, is the star of the bullfight.

How do you know when a bullfight is over?

The bullfight is over when the final bull (6th) is killed.