What are the 15 karate katas?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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There are many more than 15 karate katas. Each style has their own set of katas and some do not overlap.

In my style there are 20:

5 Kihon Kata

5 Pinan Kata

3 Bassai Kata

3 Naihanchi Kata

2 Kusanku Kata



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Q: What are the 15 karate katas?
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Why are the last four katas in Wado Ryu karate known as the four jewels in the crown?

because they are the four main katas that make up Wado Ryu karate.

What is the 5th katas called in karate?

From what I know: 1. Kionkataich 2. Kionkatanii 3. Kionkatasan 4. Pidanshodan 5. Pidansandan

Is karate a team or individual sport?

neither it is the study of martial tecnique through katas, sparring, drills etc, however the school, instructer, style etc. conducts it. Karate means empty hand.

What did Daniel larusso get tought in the karate kid?

Daniel Larusso got taught Shotokan Karate in the Karate Kid

You want to learn karate?

Yes, I want to learn Karate, but I want to do it in Japan and learn it from someone who practices the OLD Shotokan Katas, as Giching Funakoshi originally taught them. I want to go through, the training Funakoshi's students went through.

Does anyone know where to find Wado-ryu Karate videos?

Hey I do Wado-Ryu Karate and I found the videos on youtube helpful, especially with katas. Just type in Wado-Ryu Karate. Hope this helps. Megan x.

What is the importance of learning katas in karate?

Kata is the most basic building block of karate. It builds muscle, creates automatic responses and serves as the foundation for learning application. Once one has learned kata, you can start learning bunkai, the application of the kata, to combat situations.

Should Karate be included in the Olympics and why?

It could be included because there is a type of karate called "Freestyle Kata, is a type of karate Kata mixed up with gymnastics, check in youtube for some freestyle Katas. No! In order to be in the Olympics there have to be very specific rules. That goes against the basic premise of karate, defense without any rules. The minute that rules, any rules, are applied it moves from a martial art to a sport.

Is the devil went down to georgia in rockband 1?

in karate i like doing katas. the karate kata are called basic stationary exercise basic moving exercise naihanchi shodan kata basic kicking exercise naihanchi nidan kata naihanchi sandan kata tomari seisan kata pinan shodan kata pinan nidan kata pinan sandan kata pinan seisan kata pinan yondan kata pinan godan kata lot of katas huh

Who discovered karate?

There is more than one person who created the original karate. It evolved over centuries. Now there have been more different styles of karate made by different people. Here are some of the key teachers: -Sakukawa Kanga -Matsumura Sokon -Itosu Anko -Arakaki Seisho -Higaonna Kanryo -Gichin Funakoshi -Motobu Choki Karate was originally called To De (Chinese hand) and was developed by several masters in the course of time. No specific person invented it but it was invented for self defense.

What are the ratings and certificates for Katas ng Saudi - 2007?

Katas ng Saudi - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Philippines:G (MTRCB)

What are the ratings and certificates for Karate Raider - 1995?

Karate Raider - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: South Korea:15