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ANSWER: I think it would be good practice, espically if you wanted to be known as a flying wrestler.

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Q: Is Trampoline good for practing wrestling?
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Where do you buy a world wrestling entertainment trampoline at?

Um, its a ring not a trampoline. You can get a good quality ring at for a few grand.

What is etw wrestling?

etw, is extreme trampoline wrestling done by teenagers in NJ usa.

Where can you buy a trampoline wrestling ring?

you can you have to build them your self

Will anyone ever start a wrestling brand on a trampoline?

Actually, lots of people have wrestling brands for the trampoline. The best ones are eawrestling, KBW and mortalcombat32. These brands are not professional. There is no professional brand for it.

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Is the smackdown ring a trampoline?

No, the Smackdown! ring is not a trampoline. Wrestling rings are generally made of wood, covered in foam padding. The top part is canvas.

What are YouTube trampoline backyard wrestling shows?

Kids playin "wrestler" on a trampoline. Some, like The Hardy Boys grow to become superstars. Others just break sum bones and then realise how stupid they behaving.

Is it illegal to jump on a trampoline that is blue?

No, but the trampoline will have more fun if you put it in a good mood first.

Why was the Trampoline ivented?

Trampoline not only for fun, it is also helpful for health also. We can do good physical exercise on trampoline with fun. I think that's why it was invited.

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What are some techniquesfor trampoling?

There are a few basic trampoline skills. The key to a good bounce, is establishing an good rhythm with the trampoline. You should only take off or jump after you have landed and the trampoline is as low as it is going to go.

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