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No, but the trampoline will have more fun if you put it in a good mood first.

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Q: Is it illegal to jump on a trampoline that is blue?
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How do you make a trampoline bounce more?

Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it! Jump on it!

How do you jump on a trampoline?

jump in the middle and have fun

How do you jump up and down on a trampoline?


Why should you not jump off a trampoline?

When you use a trampoline, you keep your legs mostly straight, and the energy of your landing is absorbed by the trampoline. When you jump on the ground, you bend your legs and they absorb the energy of your landing. If you jump down after using the trampoline, you may forget to bend your legs, and do yourself serious harm

How do you move on a trampoline?

You jump. Jump for your life. It's simple as that.

What is the purpose of trampoline mats?

The trampoline mat is the thing that you jump on while using a trampoline. This will have to be replaced when it is used a lot.

Can you damage a trampoline by jumping on it when it is wet?

if there is snow or a large puddle on the trampoline do not jump on it. if it is only wet you and the trampoline will survive.

How do you use trampoline in the sentence?

Example: I like to jump on my trampoline.

Does a kangoeroe on a trampoline jump higher than a kangoeroe on a trampoline which stands on a trampoline?

I guess not, the trampoline on the trampoline doesnt have any grip on the ground so the kangaroo doesnt have a grip

What do you need for high jump?


What can make you jump higher?


What are good trampoline science fair projects?

See what or who can jump higher,an animal or a human. Your hypothesis: "I think a human will jump higher,"or,"I think the animal will jump higher,".You could also test it out if you have a trampoline and an animal that will possibly let you set it on a trampoline ;^).

What does the pink puffle do?

It will jump on a trampoline or jump rope or swing a lasso.

Can pregnant women jump on a trampoline?

Pregnant women can (are able to) jump on trampolines, but they shouldn't

How many people can jump on a trampoline at once?

At least 3 people are aloud to jump on a trampoline at once depending on how big the trampoline is.

How do you jump on the trampoline in the shopping mall binweevils?

You go upstairs the pipe and click on the trampoline and you bounce!

How do you use a trampoline in Lego universe?

You jump on it.

What equipment is needed to trampoline?

Your feet to jump

What is jump instruction?

That could be trampoline, or skydiving...

How do you jump on a trampoline in toontown?

go to trampoline,press ctrl and every time you hit the trampoline press ctrl until times up

What are the modern Olympics events?

trampoline football basketball triple jump long jump

How does Gary Cahill jump so high?


How do you jump on the trampoline in shopping mall on Bin Weevils?

if you can't find the trampoline on binweevils i would go to sudz100's nest in one of his room's there is a trampoline have fun

How do you jump up to 20 feet up in the air?

The way to jump 20 feet it to first practice on a trampoline about 9 times every day then after a week or so mentally visualize you jumping on the trampoline and actually jump up then you can jump up 20 feet in the air!

How long after a concussion can you jump on a trampoline?

You need to ask your doctor about this.