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Kids playin "wrestler" on a trampoline. Some, like The Hardy Boys grow to become superstars. Others just break sum bones and then realise how stupid they behaving.

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Q: What are YouTube trampoline backyard wrestling shows?
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Is backyard wrestling a real company?

yes.ecw run shows in Mississippi Tennessee and Arkansas.they are working under nationial wrestling affiliates.

What is the legality of backyard fights?

There are no specific laws banning backyard wrestling in the United States. However, backyard wrestling shows run the risk of participants being charged with assault or other crimes, and popular ones can be prosecuted by legitimate wrestling federations for not obtaining the necessary licenses to hold an event.

What do WWE superstars do at shows when there not wrestling?

When WWE superstars are not wrestling, they are booking in hotels, and making arrangments for other shows.

What other wrestling shows are their?


Which TV shows have gay wrestling?

Researching has not provided any conclusive results as to any television shows that have gay wrestling. It has been found that there is a program that is called "Don't Quit Your Gay Job" that featured wrestling in one of the reality shows episodes.

Are there any wrestling collectors shows?

There are currently no wrestling collector shows, however there are many, many companies (online and otherwise) selling autographed memorabilia and other wrestling paraphernalia sure to please any fan.

Does juggalo championship wrestling still do shows?


Were there any wrestling shows before WWF and WWE?

No. Wrestling has always been fake and always will be. Wrestling that is real (if you notice) is a lot less organised.

How do you become a professional wrestler?

Well you can either start in backyard wrestling to train yourself, go through an independent wrestling school, or go through a wrestling academy owned by a wrestling company. In the first two, after you either come of age or graduate you usually start in small local Indy feds that pay very little. Sometimes nothing for a show. Eventually, scouts from larger companies will watch the shows, and if you impress them, they might offer you a contract. If you go through the third, you have a tryout for a wrestling league and if you do well, for a fee, they will train you. If you graduate, you will be put on the roster.

What is YouTube Live?

it has live shows on it

Is a rabbit an eagles prey?

Yes. There is actually a youtube video that shows the act. Yes. There is actually a youtube video that shows the act.

What is the importance of wrestling?

Wrestling is entertainment. It entertains it viewers and remains one of the highest rated shows ever.