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they are Wrestling brothers but not real brothers

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Q: Is Kane and undetaker really brothers?
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Did undetaker kill his parents?

no kane did

How old is mom of Kane and the undertaker?

Kane and underrtaker are not really brothers

Is Kane and the undertaker are really brothers?


Is Kane is really the brother of mark calloway?

they are step brothers

Taker is kane's brother?

In storyline, they are considered "half-brothers". In real life, no they are not really brothers.

Undtaker and Kane mom die?

No, they arent even brothers in really brothers in real life.

Is Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns really brothers?

undertaker and Kane

Is abbys brothers with Kane and the undertaker yes they are all brothers?

yes they are all bros May 2010 No they are not! Kane and Undertaker are not really brothers they are not related in real life just for storyline in WWE

Is undertaker an Kane brothers?

No, that was just a WWE storyline, there not really brothers. But in the WWE storyline, there called "the brothers of destruction". BE MIZ - BE AWSOME

Is WWE Kane brothers with undertaker?

Within WWE Kayfabe, Kane and The Undertaker are infact half-brothers. They have been told to have been born from the same mother, with different fathers respectivately.

Is John Cena and Kane brothers?

No. John Cena and Kane are not brothers.

Are undertaker an Kane brothers for real?

Yeah they were really brothers for real as if they like to kill each other for some reasons