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yes they are all bros

May 2010 No they are not! Kane and Undertaker are not really brothers they are not related in real life just for storyline in WWE

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Q: Is abbys brothers with Kane and the undertaker yes they are all brothers?
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Do Kane and undertaker brothers?

The wrestlers The Undertaker and cane are not at all related, but the wrestling world calls them brothers. the Undertaker has four real brothers.

Did Kane scares from undertaker?

Yes, Kane does hate Undertaker, because Kane is jealous that he was always walking in the Undertaker's shadow, and now Kane wants to kill Undertaker.

What did Kane do to the undertaker?

Kane beat up undertaker and all most killed he.

Is Kane and the undertaker brothers?

Actually yes they are. If you watch WWE then you will clearly see that Big Show and Jericho are taking The UnderTaker down, but all of a sudden Kane The Undertakers brother comes and kicks Big Show's and Jericho's asses. The commenter will say Kane is Undertakers BROTHER and they will go head to head the brothers of destruction will face Big Show and Jericho. So it will be Kane & Undertaker brothers of destruction VS Big Show and Jericho. By Hadi

Is Kane Undertaker's older brother?

I must tell you that friend, I'm a huge fan of wwe i love it so much, but is fake....:( undertaker and Kane they aren't's all fiction...forgive my English..:) I'm Italian...good bye.....

Why anyone tells that Kane is brother of Undertaker but as i think they are friends not have blood relationship?

No, they are not related at all, Kane comes from Madrid, Spain and undertaker is from Texas. They were portrayed as being half brothers with Paul Bearer being the father but that was just a wrestling gimmick.

Why did Kane bury Undertaker alive?

Kane betrayed his brother because he felt that the undertaker had gotten to soft. Because Undertaker had forgotten all about his "Deadman" phase and was acting like a biker plus he rescued Stephanne mcmanon and Kane hated that

What is the once and for all answer to undertaker and Kane being related?

they are not borthers

Who is undertaker brothers and sister?

Yes. He has four: David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy. In the WWE storyline, he and Kane are brothers. However, this is only in the storyline and not in real life.Kane.

Does the undertaker have brothers or sisters?

yes they have thre sisters and one brother . the name of their brother is paulharisson . he died in the small age only because of small accident. their three sisters live at Canada and are like their two brothers . all three are divorced by their husband . i don't know the reason of being divorced . i know two of them and one of them were my friend in my high school. the name of all three sisters were big sister=lamesta , middle one = geryal , small one = hesialokh

Are the undertaker and Kane friends?

According to me they are friends, they have feud a very few times but they are friends, they have each others back you saw when Kane came out and helped undertaker when he was getting beat up by Chris Jericho and the big show, and you saw when undertaker said there were few things that brought joy to his dark heart was fighting along side his brother Kane, and fighting against Kane. So according to me they are friends and they will always be The Brothers of Destruction.

Why does batista hate undertaker?

Answerlisten they don't hate each other what makes you think that? AnswerSince the Undertaker and Kane are half brothers, they hated each other because Undertaker set Kane on fire when they were kids. that's why Kane had third degree burns. that's why Kane wore a you idiot Undertaker hates Kane for killing there parents.AnswerThe on screen characters Kane and Undertaker no longer hate each other....they tend to try and "one up" each other, but generally enjoy working together. I don't know if Mark Calaway and Glen Jacobs like each other or not...that sounds like a good question to ask