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Yes, they are infact blood brother's.

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Q: Is Kane and The undertaker brother's?
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Do Kane and undertaker brothers?

The wrestlers The Undertaker and cane are not at all related, but the wrestling world calls them brothers. the Undertaker has four real brothers.

Why does Kane say that the undertaker and him are brothers?

Its apart of a storyline. Kane and The Undertaker are kayfabe brothers.

Is Kane and undertaker blood brothers?

No, they are not brothers. 'Kane' is Glen Jacobs 'Undertaker' is Mark Callous.

Are Kane Undertaker true brothers?

I love undertaker Undertaker and Kane are brothers in real life.But,they are only half brothers. (p.s."I love undertake ISN'T a answer)

Are the masked Kane and undertaker the same person?

no Kane and undertaker are brothers from part of there father

Are Kane aand the undertaker brothers?


Who are the brothers of WWE undertaker?


Can undertaker and Kane was brothers?

Yes they are

Is Shawn Michael and Undertaker and Kane brothers?

no they are not brothers

Are Kane and undertaker step brothers?

No!They aren't Brothers

Are undertaker and Kane brothers or half brothers?


Are Kane and undertaker step brothers or real brothers?

step brothers