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step brothers

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Q: Are Kane and undertaker step brothers or real brothers?
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Are Kane and undertaker step brothers?

No!They aren't Brothers

Is undertaker and Kane real brother?

there roll in the wwe is to be brothers but however outside of wrestling there STEP BROTHERRS

Is undertaker and Kane step brothers?

no. they would be half brothers. according to the story line paul bearer had an affair with taker`s mother, hence kane. but this is just a story line. they are not related in real life.

Is Kane is real brother of undertaker?

Nope. They're step brothers. Their surname is different Undertaker real name- Mark Calaway Kane real name- Glen Jacobs Plus they do not have the same father, but the same mother=)

Are Kane and the undertaker actual brothers?

The characters of Kane and the Undertaker are half brothers, yes In real life, the actors / athletes who portray them are not. Kane's real name is Glen Jacobs and he was born in Spain to US air force service member family. The Undertaker's real name is Mark Calaway and he was born in Houston, Texas. The Brothers of Destruction, is just a fun plot device for dramatic purposes.

Is undertakers sister called Kane?

No, Kane (real life name Glenn Jacobs) is Undertaker's step-brother in the WWE, but it is only a kayfabe, or storyline.

Are Kane and Undertaker brothers?

they r fake bros and win undertaker was little his mom dad and bro died in a fire. so its really fake :)they are step brothersNo, Kane`s real name is Glen Thomas Jacobs and he was born in Madrid, Spain. The undertaker`s real name is Mark William Calaway and he was born in Houston Texas.No their not brothers that's just their characters but they are half brothersANSWER: They are technically brothers. Kane was adopted into mark calloways family when they were babies sense kanes father died and moved in with his mother who was also marks mother as well...they grew up together. when they were kids Mark supposively burned down the family funeral house Killing his parents and his younger brother...Kane did not die he did escape with horrible burn scars mark blames himself for what happened to their family he new better than to let his younger brother play with matches and flammable liquids...although some people say that it was actually Kane who set fire to the funeral house.NoThey are not actual blood brothers. The entire thing is part of the WWE storyline.No, they are not actual blood brothers. It's only a part of the story line.

Is Kane is really the brother of mark calloway?

they are step brothers

Is WWE Superstar Kane still in the WWE as Wrestler?

Yes.Kane is still a part of the wwe roster.Kane is the former ECW chapion and step brouthers will retired undertaker.Kane first enterd wwe in hunt of his older step brouther undertaker,when is found him in wwe he started the wwwe to get revenge one undertaker from childhood.Every sence Kane has been a wrestler.everything that has been said is from wwe reporters.P;S Kane was not hired by vence he had a mind of his own to enter wwe without permission. December 2008 Well to being with Kane and Taker are not really step-brothers they are not related at all in real life!!!1 As for your comment about Vince not hiring Kane that he just eneterd WWE without permission if you believe that you aren't very smart. No one is in WWE without Vince, Shane, and Stephanie hiring them!!!! What an idiot.

Did Kane buryed undertaker?

NO WAY!!!! Ok when the undertaker was a little boy his mother or father died and his mom or dad married kanes mom or dad and that makes Kane undertakers step brother. And trust me I am his #1 fan in the whole entire world!! he is sooo hot!!

Are undertaker edge step brothers?

No Edge and Taker are not related in any way

Are the Jonas brothers step brothers?

No they are not. They are real brothers.