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no Kane and undertaker are brothers from part of there father

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Q: Are the masked Kane and undertaker the same person?
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Is undertaker the same person as masked undertaker?

Yea, undertaker is the same person as the masked undertaker! Same person!

Is the masked Kane the same as unmasked?

Yes And No because Yes regular Kane was masked Kane but was also impersonated by the undertaker and Luke gallows (Andrew Hankinson)

Who is the real masked Kane?

The real masked Kane is Glenn Thomas Jacobs, the same person who is in WWE as Kane without a mask.

Has Kane always been the same person beneath the mask?

If you mean is the current Kane the same one as the masked Kane then yes.

Is Kane and masked Kane the same people?

yes Kane masked and unmasked are same

Is masked Kane the real Kane WWE?

It Depends on who u clasifi as Kane if u wanta see Undertaker and Kane Feud Kane Unmasked Look For Pictures of Diesel (the non Kevin Nash one) regarding the "modern day" Kane i have no idea if it is the same wrestler as the original one but i have my doubts

Do the undertaker and Kane have the same mom?

Kane and undertaker have the same mom but not dad because Kane's real name is Glenn Thomas and the undertaker real name is Mark William so they don't have the real dad.

Is masked Kane the same as unmasked Kane?

Yes, Kane has always been Glen Jacobs

Is the masked Kane same as under taker?

No. Cane or Kane is set to be his "brother"

Is the unmasked Kane the same person as the masked Kane?

Both versions of Kane were played by Glen Jacobs. Who also stars in WWE's feature length movie 'See No Evil'.AnswerKane As Always Been The Same Guy You Could Not Find Another 6ft 7 - 300 + pounder With The Same Body Type And Attitude Remember Where all Different in WaysAnswerYes the unmasked and masked Kane are the same but before the masked Kane ever debuted there was another guy named Kane in the wwethe masked Kane was tronger than the unmasked Kane

Are Kane and undertaker the same man?


Is Kane 7 feet tall or what?

Kane is 6'10 (same as undertaker)

Is Kane now the same as masked Kane?

Yes Kane has always been Glenn Jacobs since 1997.

Who is better wrestler undertaker or Kane?

undertaker.. althought both basically have the same moves undertaker tends to modify his movesbased on his opponent better than kane.

Is Kane the same as the masked Kane?

Yes character "KANE" has always been played by Glenn Jacobs since 1997.

Do Kane and undertaker have the same parents?

Yes, they are brothers.

Do undertaker and Kane have same wife?

Uhh, no, they don't.

Does WWE undertaker and Kane have the same mom and dad?


Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they were children?

Kane is Glen Jacobs and Undertaker is Mark Calarway. How can the father be the same? Their mom is the same but father is different. Glen and Mark aren't really related but the storyline is that Kane and Undertaker are. Also the storyline state's that Kane and Undertaker have the same mother, but not the same father. Kane's father is Paul Bearer (The man that carries the urn). That is why Bearer threatened Undertaker by exposing his secret if he wasn't his manager again. In fear Undertaker agreed, but in the first ever Hell in a Cell match Undertaker Vs HBK, Kane pulled the door off and attacked Undertaker giving HBK the win. They both have mentioned their dead mother who died in a fire apparently started by Undertaker, the brother were playing with matches but were punished when Undertaker's father found them. Undertaker was punished more than Kane because he was the oldest. His father explained what they were doing including that they were around flamable liquids. After punishing Undertaker he sent him on his way to do his chores. Undertaker looked back and saw Kane heading through a back door with some of the liquids in his hands, Undertaker dismissed the matter. He later came home to see the place a light in flames. He wanted to run in but the fire fighters stopped him. Undertaker believed that his mother, father and Kane were all dead, but Kane survived. Undertaker admitted a year later when he did a heel turn that he actually burned the funeral home and set it a light.

The undertaker and Kane brother?

They have the same dad, but other mothers

Undertaker and Kane have same mom or dad?

yes sir.

Why did paul bearer show always a pot to undertaker?

paul keeps undertakers powers in it so when he shows it to undertaker,undertaker gets better to fight like kane vs undertaker kane also is the same as undertaker he gets on his ruff side when he sees it and it is something in it that is for undertaker and kane paul died, so undertaker and kane had it to keep and now in 2013 cm punk has it in his hand and attaked undertaker revenge will be on cm punk because undertaker is serious on him do you also know paul is dead in real life he died in 2013 i loved him for them he died in march 5,2013

Who played as the old Kane in wrestling?

The old Kane was played by the same Kane based on what i know, but in 2006 wen the imposter Kane was attacking the real Kane, the imposter was festus. in 1998 the same thing happened but that was undertaker.

Is festus the imposter Kane?

It is either Festus or Undertaker. I have some proof that it can be either one.Kane has one sleeve , imposter Kane has 2 sleeves, to hide Festus' tattoo on his arm. Or it can be Undertaker, Kane is taller than Festus, but Undertaker is the same size. And he knows his moves because he is Kane's brother.

How tall is the Undertaker?

The Undertaker is exactly the same height as his 'storyline' brother Kane. He is a very respectable 6 foot 9.