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ther are many but the main ones are the simple high middle low

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Q: How many punches are there in karate?
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The kicks and punches in karate?

there are many diffrent kicks and punches each have a diffrent name but there are multiple names so this question can't be anwserd

How do you beat karate kong on Donkey Kong for WII?

Block two consecutive punches or kicks and donkey kong will start to beat up on karate kong.

Which aspects of Tae Kwon Do are distinctly Korean and different from karate?

I believe that because the Koreans are taller than most Japanese, taekwondo was based around kicks as it was easier and kicks have more power than punches. Karate, like-wise, is based on punches because it was harder for most Japanese to kick at the height of a Korean's head. That being said.. taekwondo still has plenty of strikes and blocks as karate has many kicks

What is the reaction force when a karate guy punches a wooden board?

result well be, the wood well break and the guy will fell nothing

How does karate relate to science?

Karate relates to science in the sense that with certain velocity's, speeds and time, the most deadliest of punches and kicks are created. It also deals with using proper mechanics such as using leverage, momentum, and distance.

What is the generic form for all martial arts?

In my opinion, Karate. It has a mix of kicks and punches and focuses and straight forward fighting. Not much fancy stuff.

Do boxing officials use technology?

Yes they use technology to gage how many punches are thrown and how many punches actually connect

Do all karate places teach handgrabs?

{| |- | What is taught varies from school to school. Most karate places start with punches, blocks and kicks, then start teaching kata. Once the applications of the kata are being taught, then most schools start teaching the grappling techniques. |}

How many punches did Manny Paquiao throw against Clotey?

Pacquiao threw 1,231 punches, and landed 246.

How many many karate schools in china?

There are not many karate schools in China. The government there promotes Wushu. Karate is Japanese and the history between the two countries is not good.

What are the differences between the main forms of karate?

It would be hard to generalize a difference. Karate, while it focuses on striking, it also involves grappling techniques. The styles differ in the kata that they learn, but even those show a great deal of similarity. The basic blocks, kicks and punches are extremely similar.

Is kick boxing like karate?

Yes. It is more like MMA, excluding the submission holds. The punches are similar to boxing. Generally, any martial artist can become a Kick Boxer.