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result well be, the wood well break and the guy will fell nothing

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Q: What is the reaction force when a karate guy punches a wooden board?
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Name of board used in karate?

I believe you are referring to the Makiwara. It is a flexible board mounted so that the top is about chest high. Karate practitioners punch it repeatedly to improve their technique and strength.

How do you get the wooden board in Phineas and Ferb?

you cant Phineas and FERB is cartoon but their are wooden board in the hardware store

How was the wooden marionette. related to the wooden diving board?


If a karate chop delivers a blow of 4000N to a board that breaks what is the force that acts upon the hand?

The force that acts upon the hand during the karate chop will also be 4000N, according to Newton's third law of motion. This law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Is there board breaking in karate?

Many schools and styles teach board breaking, but it is not required in some.

What is the homophone for a wooden plank?

A wooden plank is homophonous with a "board" when referring to a flat, rectangular piece of wood.

What is A wooden plank used in construction?

Board, lumber

Is a karate plastic board harder than a wood board?

The plastic material that it is made from is harder than wood. However, the breaking point of the joint in the plastic is designed to match the force required to break various thicknesses of wood. They should require the same force to break regardless of whether it is wood or plastic. Consult the manufacturer's specifications to match the appropriate colored plastic board with the size of wooden board, as they may not be the same.

What is bill board advertising?

a bid wooden board with an advert on it placed where a lot of people will see it

How do you spell plank?

That is the correct spelling of "plank" (a wooden board).

How do you say wooden board in french?

planche de bois

A thick wooden board?