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That will depend on your local laws. In the US, there are few requirements. Most regulations have to do with health and safety permits, as well as business permits.

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Q: Do you need a permit to train people mixed martial arts?
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How do you prepare yourself for a martial arts comeptition?

Train, train, train!

How can you join mma?

Find a local mma gym and train you can start competing at 18 but you need alot of training before you can compete you need heart most of all most people are not cut out to be in mixed martial arts.

Is there any kickboxing classes in Dubai?

there is next to times square in sheikh zayed road its called contender mma (mixed martial arts) in giordano building. They train really hard.

What Martial Arts did Morihei Ueshiba train in?


How many styles of martial arts can a person know before the age of 29?

It is impossible to know any martial art in anyamount of time. Besides you do not need to know several martial arts. If you find a martial arts that suits you and train, train and train, then in 3-4 years you should be pretty proficient at it. Everyone who studys martial arts are always learning. If anyone says they know a martial art, they are either lying or have a massive ego.

How do you join MMA?

Fight and train in local gyms Train in atleast one martial art

Did the shao lin temple train budhist in the martial arts?

Yes, the Shaolin Temple trained Buddhist monks in kung fu. They actually still do and a limited number of people can train there today.

Did Chuck Norris Train at Jack Hwang's Martial Art Center?

No he did not.

What gym does George St Pierre train at?

Primarily at Tristar Gym in Montreal, Canada (, and is trained by Faras Zahabi. He also trains at Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts ( with Greg Jackson. He also trains (or has trained) at various other martial arts schools/gyms sometimes.

Who made the Chinese martial arts?

People that were sick of being too weak to protect themselves decided to train themselves in ways to fight off attacker.

Are there any online stores that sell rope workout, fitness supplies?

Yes, I have also heard the same. Many boxing and mixed martial artist train with ropes. "Everlast" the boxing company has such equipment and sells for a reasonable price.

What are some types of martial arts equipment that are necessary for complete martial arts training?

The equipments for getting complete martial arts training depend upon the type of martial art you intend to master. The typical equipments are Samurai sowards, Nanchakus , Plain Escrima Sticks and Karate equipments. This is a complex question that mainly depends on what form of martial arts you intend to train in. For a striking art such as Muay Thai, a suitable punching bag, striking pads, and sparring equipment will be needed. For a grappling based art, investments should be made in things like judo mats so that throws can be done safely. Mixed Martial Arts use all of of this equipment as they train in every aspect of combat; striking, throws, and grappling.