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Q: What Martial Arts did Morihei Ueshiba train in?
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Where did aikido come from?

1931: first dojo is opened by Morehei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) Aiki-budo is taught. 1942-1952: Aikido is formally used and techniques are perfected. 1948: Aikikai Association is founded to promote Aikido. 1950-1970: Aikido is spread throughout the world.

Why did people make martial arts?

people "make" martial arts so they can be able to attack and defend themselves in tough situations. martial arts is a much more complex version of fighting, it isn't just about punching and kicking, there is much more

How old was Morihei Ueshiba when he created aikido?

Nobody knows the exact age of how old Ueshiba was when he "created" Aikido. The term "Aikido" became the official name of the art in 1942 but was called Aikibudo prior to that time. Ueshiba was said to have developed the art in between the 1920's and 30's. That would put his age in the 30's to 40's. He was a very devout student of martial arts and took his time developing Aikido.

When was aikido found?

The exact date of when it was founded is not clearly known. Some will claim a specific date however nobody knows for sure. Generally, Morihei Ueshiba trained in martial arts for many years. Aikido and Ancient Japanese Jiu-Jitsu go almost hand in hand. Japanese Jiu-Jitsu is considered the Grandfather of Aikido. Many of the techniques involve manipulation of joints to move a bigger person without the use of strength. Aikido is believed to have been started in the 1920's and was developed further in the 1930's. Aikido was eventually spread to the rest of the world starting in the 1940's and 1950's by several of Ueshiba's students.

How do you prepare yourself for a martial arts comeptition?

Train, train, train!

What are the cardial rules in martial arts?

Iin the real world of self protection the most sacred rule is "there are no rules". Martial Arts can mean many thing to many people. However to be effective in survival one must not expect or consider giving any tolerance to chance. The only principle universal to all martial arts, according to Aikido's founder Morihei Ueshiba ("O'Sensei"), while he did not put it in these words, he stated that, ultimately, all martial arts are a sad, tragic waste of time. Each martial art has it's own rules and specifications from "Anything Goes" to very strict guidelines on where, when and how a person can strike. For the most part they deal with being safe and not causing problems.

Who are Japanese martial arts people?

There are lots of legends like Mas Oyama [Karate Master, Full Blooded Japanese but born in Korea i think.] Kenji Midori [Karate Legend] Morihei Ueshiba [Founder of Aikido] Jigoro Kano [Founder of Judo] Gichin Funakoshi [Founder or Shotokan Karate] Well that's all i know for now.

How many styles of martial arts can a person know before the age of 29?

It is impossible to know any martial art in anyamount of time. Besides you do not need to know several martial arts. If you find a martial arts that suits you and train, train and train, then in 3-4 years you should be pretty proficient at it. Everyone who studys martial arts are always learning. If anyone says they know a martial art, they are either lying or have a massive ego.

Which of these martial arts was created from the principles of juijitsu?

"Jujitsu" is one of the many varied spellings of Japanese Jujutsu, which is derived from Aiki-jujutsu. One of the later martial art systems created from jujutsu is Judo. It was developed by Kano Sensei (Jigoro Kano) as a less lethal martial art. He was an advocate of the art and worked hard to get it into the Olympics. Also a descendant of Aiki-jujutsu, and Jujutsu is Aikido, created by Morihei Ueshiba.

What are some types of martial arts used to train ninjas?

ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu

To what age can you practice aikido?

Aikido has no age limit, as its founder meant it to be more a spiritual path than a martial art. Morihei Ueshiba saw his Aikido as merely the natural evolution of Bushido; Bushido in Japan's Sengoku (Warring States) period, was concerned with killing as quickly, efficiently and cold bloodedly as humanly possible, Bushdio from the 20th century onward, Ueshiba argued, should be concerned with putting the skills and meditation of martial arts towards creating better citizens. According to expert opinion that may be found in virtually any martial arts book, in order to succeed in a fight or self defense situation, an individual needs impecable fitness, in addition to a calm mind, and in addition to that competent training. A fight, is as bad a situation as you can be in, and martial arts holds the theory that you need to remain calm so that you can think. The ability to stay calm in the heat of a fight, transfers to an ability to remain calm when life gets bad, that is one of the ways in which martial arts transfer to "the real world." Aikido's aim is total inner peace due to its influences by Shinto and Zen, thus, it has no real age limit unless of course you are an old man or woman very close to death.

What are the significant characteristics of arnis martial arts that make it different from other martial arts?

the Arni's Martial Arts have a rattan stick. while the other martial arts have no weapon