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No he did not.

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Q: Did Chuck Norris Train at Jack Hwang's Martial Art Center?
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When did Chuck Norris invent martial arts?

Really? Chuck Norris did not invent martial arts.

Who is the most well-known martial artist?

Chuck Norris.

Who is greatest martial artist of modern times?

chuck Norris

Was Chuck Norris in the Marines?

No, he just studied martial art.

What is the first martial art Chuck Norris learned?

Chuck Norris learned Tang Soo Do while stationed in Korea with the US Air Force.

Who would win Tim Tebow or Chuck Norris?

Are you talking about a fight. In that case it would be Chuck Norris. Unless Tebow knows martial arts. But a fight would go to Chuck.

Did Chuck Norris teach his kids martial arts?

no chuck norris is ginger and he plays world at warcraft a mmorpg and i love stowballs and charlie ovy lawrence

Is the story of Chuck Norris true?

Chuck Norris is an American martial artist and actor. He opened a chain of martial arts schools and competed in martial arts tournaments. He appeared in a lot of "tough guy" movies. So that part is true. However, because of his tough guy image, Norris became the object of an ironic internet meme known as "Chuck Norris Facts", which documents fictional, often absurdly heroic feats and characteristics about Norris.

Is Chuck Norris the best martial artist ever?

Not according to Chuck Norris. He greatly respected Bruce Lee and there was no question in his mind that Bruce could beat him in a match. However, Mr. Norris has done a great deal of good for the martial arts community and certainly ranks high on the list of great martial artists.

Do Chuck Norris's sons study martial arts?

No they were born 13th degree black belts in all martial arts.

What form of martial art is approved by the Catholic Church?

Chuck Norris's very own martial art, chun-kuk-do.

What martial art movies was Chuck Norris in?

He was in the movie "Way of the Dragon" with Bruce Lee.