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One - Texas Western in 1966.

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3 in 1943,1947,and 2003

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texas western

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4 times

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Q: How many times has Texas made to final four and won basketball championship?
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When was Texas in the ncaa basketball final four?

The University of Texas has made the Final Four three times: 2003, 1947, 1943 They have yet to win the national championship in Division I basketball.

Did penn state ever win the national championship in basketball?

Penn State never won the national championship but they've made the final four several times.

What NCAA Men's basketball team has been to the most final fours without winning a championship?

The University of Houston and the University of Illinois have both been in the Final Four 5 times. Neither of them have won a championship.

How many times has IU won NCAA basketball championship?

5 Times

How many times did duke win the championship in basketball?


How many times has the Texas Longhorns basketball team been in the national tournament?

Texas Longhorns Men's Basketball28 NCAA Tournament Appearances 13 Sweet Sixteen Appearances7 Elite Eight Appearances3 Final Four Appearances0 National Championship AppearancesTexas Longhorns Women's Basketball23 NCAA Tournament Appearances 12 Sweet Sixteen Appearances8 Elite Eight Appearances3 Final Four Appearances1 National Championship Appearance (won, 1985-1986 season)

Did Michigan ever win championship in basketball?

No. They went to the final with him in his Freshman and Sophmore year but lost both times. After his sophmore year, he went pro.

Which team has won the ncaa basketball championship the most times?

UCLA, eleven times.

Who has a winning record over KU in NCAA Basketball?

In men's basketball, Kentucky has more NCAA basketball championships. Kansas' men's basketball team has won the NCAA championship three times while Kentucky's men's basketball team has won the NCAA championship eight times. In women's basketball, neither team has a championship.

How many national championships does the Villa Nova mens basketball team have?

The Wildcats men's basketball team of Villanova University has won a single NCAA championship, in 1985. The team has to date been in the tourney 33 times and has made the final four eight of those times.

What year did Georgetown win men's basketball championship?

Georgetown has made the final four 5 times: 2007, 1985, 1984, 1982, 1943 Georgetown lost the championship game in 1943, 1982, and 1985. They lost in the semifinal game in 2007. They won the championship in 1984.

Who won the NCAA men's basketball championship in Minneapolis?

The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship final has been held in Minneapolis 3 times: Kentucky beat Kansas St, 68-58 in 1951 Duke beat Michigan, 71-51 in 1992 Duke beat Arizona, 82-72 in 2001