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5 Times

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Q: How many times has IU won NCAA basketball championship?
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How many times has North Carolina won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship?

North Carolina has won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship 5 times: 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005 and 2009.

How many times has Ohio won the ncaa basketball tournament?

NCAA Championship 1960 OSU They Have Won One

How many times has Syracuse played Kansas in Basketball?

in the NCAA championship Syracuse had played kansas 8 times in NCAA history.

How many times has the NCAA basketball championship game been played in the same month and on the same date?


How many times has a number 1 seed failed to advance to the championship of the NCAA men's basketball tournament?


How many NCAA Championships does Indiana have?

Indiana has won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship 5 times: 1940, 1953, 1976, 1981 and 1987.

How many previous championships does the Miami NCAA basketball team have?

They have never won the NCAA championship.

How many ncaa titles have the Wisconsin badgers won?

They have 1 NCAA basketball championship in 1941.

How many NCAA basketball championships have the Cincinnati Bearcats won?

Cincinnati has won the NCAA basketball championship twice - in 1961 & 1962.

How many NCAA men's basketball championships has Michigan won?

Michigan has won 1 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, in 1989.

How many NCAA Men's Basketball Championships has Tennessee won?

Tennessee has never won an NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

How many NCAA National Championships does the Michigan Wolverines have?

Michigan has 1 NCAA Basketball Championship (1989).

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