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yes if u worry more about sports than school u r going to get a very bad grade if u don't study for a test

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Q: Do sports affect your grades in schools... how?
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Should Sports Be Separate From Public Schools?

NO definitely not. Sports in schools encourage good grades, good attendance, teamwork, and physical fitness

Why should students with failing grades not represent their school in sports?

The title of "student athlete" comes into play here. Sports are extra curricular activities while academics are the business of schools. Grade first, sports second is the norm in education.

Which grades of modern schools go with owl grades?


Does school sports affect grades?

If it's like PE or PT then yes otherwise it's only to show your college that you can balance things.

If you get a no dress code will your schools get bad grades or good grades?

The grades will stay the same. Grades don't depend on clothes.

Is there highsome schools in Oklahoma from 8th to 12th grades?

No. They are 9–12 grades.

How should athletes get good grades at sports?

striving hard to get high grades

Do any elementary schools have 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th grades?

All elementary schools have 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th grades.

Should All grades should play sports?

Yes. I think all grades should participate in sports to keep themselves healthy.

Why do sports make grades stay high?

Most high school sports programs have minimum grade requirements. If you don't make those minimum grades, you cannot participate in sports.

Do students grades drop if their not in sports?

Not really....but if you decide to play a sport your grades get better

Do students grades drop if they participate in sports?

yes my grades dropped from A's to C's