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Jim Lee Howell.

Landry was an assistant from 1954-1959 (he was a player/coach in 1954 and 1955), Lombardi was an assistant from 1954-1958, and Howell was the head coach from 1954-1960.

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Q: Who was the new york football giants coach when landrey and lombardi were assistants?
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Vince Lombardi was offensive coordinator of what team?

Vince Lombardi was an assistant coach for the New York Giants from 1954-58.

Was there Super Bowls when lombardi was coaching ny giants?

No. Lombardi won the first two Super Bowls when he was head coach of the Green Bay Packers.

Who were assistant coaches of Sam Huff's NY Giants?

vince lombardi and tom landry

Did vince lombardi coach for any other team than green bay?

yes . Lombardi coached the NY giants as offensive coordinator (tom Landry later the Dallas cowboy's coach and great packer rival) was the defensive coordinator of the giants, before Lombardi came to green bay in 1959. he also coached the Washington redskins for 1 season after he left green bay after winning super bowl II. Lombardi died shortly afterward of cancer. he is without doubt the greatest packer coach of all time-sorry curly lambeau- and arguably the greatest coach in nfl history. lombardi was also one of the '7 blocks of granite', a 160 lb offensive guard on the 1940'sish fordham football team. see his biography for more fascinating details of this great man.

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Does Giants play football?

Yes, the New York Giants.

Are the giamts a baseball or football team?

both, there are the new york football giants, and the san francisco basball giants

What professional football team is known as greek mythological giants?


Who is the best NFL coach ever?

Vince Lombardi from green bay packers and tom couthlin from the new york giants.

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Why are the ny giants named giants?

They were named after the baseball New York Giants. Their official name, to this day, is the New York Football Giants.

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