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Vince Lombardi was an assistant coach for the New York Giants from 1954-58.

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Q: Vince Lombardi was offensive coordinator of what team?
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What is the Vince Lombardi Trophy?

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is the award that is given to the winning team of the Super Bowl.

Did vince lombardi coach for any other team than green bay?

yes . Lombardi coached the NY giants as offensive coordinator (tom Landry later the Dallas cowboy's coach and great packer rival) was the defensive coordinator of the giants, before Lombardi came to green bay in 1959. he also coached the Washington redskins for 1 season after he left green bay after winning super bowl II. Lombardi died shortly afterward of cancer. he is without doubt the greatest packer coach of all time-sorry curly lambeau- and arguably the greatest coach in nfl history. lombardi was also one of the '7 blocks of granite', a 160 lb offensive guard on the 1940'sish fordham football team. see his biography for more fascinating details of this great man.

Whick team was first awarded the vince lombardi trophy?

The Vince Lombardi trophy was named after the first super bowl winning coach. Vince Lombardi coached the Green Bay Packers.

What award is given to the champion team in the super bowl?

The team that wins the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy, named in honor of Vince Lombardi who coached the Packers (with whom he won Super Bowls I and II) and the Redskins. He was also the offensive coordinator for the Giants before becoming a head coach for the Packers and had also been head coach at several high schools and colleges. He was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1975.

Every year is there a new vince lombardi trophy?

Yes. Every year a new Vince Lombardi Trophy is made for the winning team with Vince Lombardi's name and the roman numerals of that years superbowl. It is then returned to Tiffany & Co. to get the names of the winning team engraved on it. After it has been engraved it is sent back to the winning team to keep.

What does the winning Super Bowl team get for a prize?

the Vince Lombardi trophy

What does the winner Super Bowl team get?

Bragging rights..... and the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The winning team receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy What is the name of the trophy presented to the MVP?

No it does not.

Who keeps the Vince Lombardi trophy when a team leaves a city?

The Club/Franchise/Team or waht ever you want to call it. The Colts brought their Lombardi Trophy with them when they moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis.

Who is the trophy awarded to the winning team of the supper bowl named after?

The trophy is named in honor of Vince Lombardi

Which NFL team has won the Vince Lombardi trophy the most times?

Pittsburgh Steelers - six times.

Does the vince lombardi trophy travel?

no, a new one is made each year and stays with the winning city/team