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both, there are the new york football giants, and the san francisco basball giants

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Q: Are the giamts a baseball or football team?
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Is dodgers a baseball team or a football team?

they are a baseball team !!.

Are the A's a baseball team or a football team?

I believe they were a baseball team.

Are the Wildcats the state football team of Utah?

no. they are the baseball team of Utah, not football. but i wish it were. :)

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers a football or a baseball team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an American football team.

Are the patriots a football team or a hockey team?

both and there a baseball team newtest3

Are the New York Giants a football team or a baseball team?

Currently the New York Giants are a football team. There was also a New York Giants baseball team that moved to San Francisco in 1958.

What is the team name of Dallas' baseball team?

they don't have one but they have a football team and a basketball team

What are the sports team in Arizona?

Football: Arizonia Cardnials Baseball: Arizonia Diamondbacks

Are the Seattle sea hawks a baseball team?

No, that's football.

Example of team games?

AFL, baseball, football, basketball

What sports does the university of mizzou have to offer?

We have a beast football and basketball team and an alright baseball team

Are the cowboys a baseball team?

Dallas CowboysNo. The Cowboys are a football team that plays in Dallas for the NFL.