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Q: Why does Michael Brantley bounce the bat on his shoulder?
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Does Michael Brantley bat right or left?

MLB player Michael Brantley bats left.

How do you use shoulder in a sentence?

I used my shoulder to swing the bat in baseball.

What is the significance of the dirt on Matt Kemp's shoulder?

Pine tar from his swing and resting his bat there. I believe it has nothing to do with him resting his bat on his shoulder. A batter does not rest his bat on his FRONT shoulder. I believe, although I have nothing to confirm this, that Matt Kemp himself is putting the dirt on the uniform of his left shoulder. This is his surgically repaired shoulder and he might have developed a ritual or a superstition about it...Just a thought

What do they mean by losing pop on baseball bat?

when they say that they mean the bat has no more bounce or energy when in contack with the ball

Does Michael Martinez bat right or left?

MLB player Michael Martinez can bat right or left (i.e. he is a switch hitter).

How is a bat suited to its environment?

A bat is suited for its environment because of its ears. Bats are blind. Their sounds bounce of objects that allow them to detect items that surround them.

How much is a bat worth from Michael bertram?

How much did the bat cost? Stupid question.

Who are the Rangers Bat Boy's?

Wade and Michael.

What is Something you do that begins with B?

I bake, bat, battle and belong. I also build, breathe, bounce and borrow.

Why don't baseballs bounce high?

Baseballs do bounce high. The factors governing this are: A. The angle of the ball hitting the ground based on how it comes of a players bat. A "chopper" as example will bounce high if the hitter bats down on a fast ball; B. The bounce is often based on the surface onto which it is hit. The variables are the wetness of the grass, the speed from which it leaves the bat, the field surfaces, such as artificial turf or natural grass and the hardness of the infield and outfield dirt.

What is inside a baseball bat?

A "Baseball Bat," it used in a sport called, Baseball. What it is, is either a wooden, or aluminum bat, ranging from 20" -sometimes 40". It is used to hit the ball that is pitched down the plate, you swing it with your arms, and the ball will bounce of the bat. There are rules though. If you end up putting a cork in your bat, (which makes the ball bounce off the bat harder) and if they find out, you could get suspended, or even kicked out of the Baseball league.

How is a baseball bat like a lever?

It seems the baseball would be the load, the bat and your arm would together form a lever, and your shoulder would be the fulcrum.