Why do you need sponsors?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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so as i may continue with my diploma in


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Q: Why do you need sponsors?
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How old do Catholic sponsors have to be?

This varies from parish to parish. However, usually the only qualification is that the sponsors just need to have been confirmed in the Catholic Church.

Philantropist dat sponsors education in Nigeria?

ummm I am gunna need that in English :P

What are Travis Pastranas sponsors?

try this website

How do you put your company name on mma handwraps?

look for fighter how need sponsors

Is it correct to use the word sponcers or sponsors?


How many sponsors did Hernan Cortes have?

He had 6 sponsors.

What do you need to be motocross racer?

You need time to commit to training. A bike suitable for racing. If you're looking to hit it big as a career you will need good sponsors.

Who are leif ericson's sponsors?

Leif Ericson didn't have sponsors.

How many sponsors can you have when you are being confirmed?

You can have no sponsors! The pope changed it

Does Serena Williams have sponsors?

I know that Reebok is own of her sponsors

How good do i need to be on bmx to get sponsored?

You should probably get pro or be really good for your age You should enter a few competitions and gain some attention from potential sponsors there. There will probably be sponsors looking for new ambassadors at competitions.

Who can sponsor your studies?

Look for sponsors of studies Look for sponsors of studies