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maybe donnie shell (steelers ss '74-87) had 51, a then-record for his position

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DL Doug English and LB Ted Hendricks with 4 career safeties each.

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Donnie Shell with 51, I believe.

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Q: Who has the most interceptions as a free safety?
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Which cornerback has the most interceptions of all time?

paul Krause of the minnesota vikings Paul Krause was a free safety. The cornerback with the most interceptions is Dick (Night Train) Lane with 68. Lane is fourth in NFL history behind Krause with 81, Emlen Tunnell with 79, and Rod Woodson with 71. Woodson began his career as a cornerback but moved to safety after leaving the Steelers and signing with the 49ers for the 1997 season.

Most interceptions in an nfl career?

Paul Krause with 81. Krause played safety for the Redskins and Vikings between 1964-1979.

Who has the most interceptions in history in the nfl?

Paul Krause has picked the most balls off, and he had 81 in his career he was on the Redskins from 1964-1967 and the Vikings from 1968-1979. Brett Farve threw the Most Interceptions, he is the first player ever to throw 300 interceptions, so he definantl has the most thrown Falcons 1991, Packers 1992-2008, Jets 2009, Vikings 2010.

What NFL team leads the league in interceptions?

The Titans Get the most interceptions

Who threw the most interceptions?

Brett Favre - 366 interceptions in his career, regular season and playoffs.

What QB has thrown the most interceptions in the 2011 NFL season?

The quarterback that has the most interceptions is Brett Favre, he has 22 interceptions

What nfl team did corry hall play for?

1999-2002: Cincinnati Bengals 2003-2004: Atlanta Falcons Free safety Cory Hall has career stats of 3 interceptions and 214 tackles.

Do strong safety and free safety stand side by side?

In most formations, no.

Player with most interceptions for touchdowns?

rod Wilson holds the nfl record for interceptions retuned for touchdowns with 12.

What is the most interceptions by an NFL player?

Paul Krause (Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings) had 81 career interceptions.

Who has the most interceptions?

Paul Krause with 81

Who has the most interceptions thrown by a Pittsburgh Steeler?

Career interceptions thrown, is Terry Bradshaw with 210. The single season Steelers record is Jim Finks in 1955 with 26 interceptions thrown.