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Durant was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics, which eventually was relocated and the name was changed to the Oklahoma City Thunder and recently has been playing for the Golden State Warriors.

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Q: What team did Kevin durant played before okc?
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Who would you rather have on your team OJ Mayo or Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant

What NBA team does Kevin Durant play for?

Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What team is kevin Durant?

Oklahoma thunder

What aau team did Kevin durant?

PG Jaguars

What team kevin Durant play for?

the Oklahoma City thunder

What is Keven Durant's middle name?

Kevin Durant (born September 29, 1988 in Washington DC) is an American basketball player who, as of April 2014, plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant is a five-time All-Star, appearing in the All-Star team between 2010 and 2014.

Which team is better lakers or thunder?

thunder it's Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kevin Durant

Did Kevin durant and ray Allen play on the same team?

Only for a few hours, after durant was drafted by the seattle supersonics, ray Allen was traded to Boston later that day

Is Kevin durant underrated?

Durant used to be underrated, but now he is thought of as one of the best NBA players in the game after he has won scoring championships, led a last place team to a title contender, and was the star of the gold medal Team USA team in 2010.

Who is better Kevin durant or Kobe Bryant?

Kevin Durant is better because he averages 30.1 points a game. Kobe Bryant averages 27.0 points a game. Kobe Bryant i think is better because Kevin durant has to score that much to save his team, Kobe Bryant has more offense and is a lot better in the clutch, he can score when he is in the paint, run to the basket, shoot the three, and Kevin durant scores 9 points from the free throw line, from his thirty points, and Kobe played with a broken finger and still averaged double assists, but Kevin durant will soon be a future MVP, and get better as his career goes on, so this is the good thing about durant, and he will score maybe like Michael Jordan, and Kobe is pat his prime, but these are the pro's and con's

Who is better Kevin durant or Lebron james?

Lebron James Who won the scoring title in '10 and is going to in '11? KD. Who is more important to his team? KD. Hmmmmmmmm...

Who taller Chris bosh or Kevin durant?

Actually, No one is taller Kevin Durant and Jeff Green both who play for the Oklahoma City Thunder National Basketball team are the same height. Averaging in about 6 foot 9 inches each.